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Nub Habano Reviews

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Nub Habano 466
"Outstanding smoke!"
Smoked my first one, The construction was almost flawless. the bouquet was pure pleasure, the draw excellent, and the burn was even with a nice white ash. for a short cigar it lasted me over an hour! This one has a permanent place in my humidor!
Matthew in St Paul MN. November 20, 2011
Nub Habano 460
"Thick Creamy Smoke"
I put this little dark delight in my mouth and I was in heaven from the first puff. The thick creamy smoke billowed across my face allowing me to fully enjoy the full flavor and aroma of this tasty treat. There were a few burn issues (as it canoed on me) but that was an easy fix with some strategic licking and teasing. In any case, I suggest picking up a 5 pack or trying out the Nub Club sampler. These are truly remarkable cigars if you take a thick one.
Jon is in love November 14, 2011
Nub Habano 460
OK, I fell for it. You got me. I was a sucker. What a terrible cigar!!! After nearly gagging on the first 2 when I first purchased them last year, I aged the other 6 in my humidor for 10 months. Just lit one up last week and I think that they are actually worse after aging them. I have had a 2 dollar gas station cigar that was better than this. Now I still have 5 of the 8 pack sampler left which is just going to be used as humidor filler for now. Needless to say I will not be a member of this so called NUB CLUB. Avoid this OVER-HYPED dud at all costs!!!!
Scott in Mesa AZ August 10, 2011
Nub Habano 466
"I want to buy more."
I am new to cigars and this cigar was included with one of my first orders. It was very smooth but yet powerful. I couldn't put it down. I will be doing this one again.
Jeff S. in South Bend, IN May 13, 2011
Nub Habano 464T
"Must try"
Short, Fat, and straight to the point....good smoke.
Jason in Va. Beach, Va. May 5, 2011
Nub Habano 464T
"A New Favorite for Sure!"
Got two of these in a 8 cigar Nub sampler and was pleasantly surprised. This is one of my new favorite cigars. Tons of flavor! Perfect construction and burn. Liked them so much I bought a box!
Jason in Duluth, GA January 5, 2011
Nub Habano 460
"What have they done?"
I loved this cigar from the first one. The problem is, it seems quality control has gone out the window to keep production up. In a box, you will get some that are among the best cigars made and some that really should only be sold in cheap bundles, if at all. A great cigar once, and cracked wrappers and even cracked binders next. I have actually been smoking one, and my son next to me smoking one from the same box, removed from the humidor at the same time, and one of us will have a great cigar and the other have nothing but trouble. Sad to see the cigars that had become a favorite become one that I really don't trust to buy. I really have a hard time rating this one. One can be a 95, and the next one a 65. I wish they would go back to being hard to get, but with good quality control.
Fred in Arkansas November 10, 2010
Nub Habano 460
"When they are good, they're great..."
I can't understand this one. Some are truly great to smoke, but others seem to be a product of poor construction. They tend to tunnel out, burn to one side, burn too hot, and leave a bad after taste. I don't run into this problem with the maduro. This is strange, but it has happened often only with this particular NUB. It has also happened to other people I know who have smoked this cigar in the past. Not sure why it is this wrapper and roll, but it does disappoint me because I'm a fan of the other NUBs. The NUB maduro is still one of my favorite short cigars.
Big-T in Reading, MA October 4, 2010
Nub Habano 466
"She finished before I did!"
I normally don't smok'em that gage but I thoroughly enjoyed it to the end. In fact I could easily enjoyed another couple of inches!
Fred in Texas September 12, 2010
Nub Habano 460
This is a home run. Is it gimmicky? Sure, but they nailed it, perfect for times when you don't have a couple of hours to enjoy a good long smoke. Lasted for about 45 min, because I couldn't put it down. Most times more like an hour. Flavor was spicy up front, but almost immediately, mellowed into a complex, nutty, creamy goodness. Construction was good, ashed right up to the band, I'll have a few of these on hand at all times, for the right occasions.
Jason in Western MA July 8, 2010
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