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Nub Habano Reviews

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Nub Habano 460
"When they are good, they're great..."
I can't understand this one. Some are truly great to smoke, but others seem to be a product of poor construction. They tend to tunnel out, burn to one side, burn too hot, and leave a bad after taste. I don't run into this problem with the maduro. This is strange, but it has happened often only with this particular NUB. It has also happened to other people I know who have smoked this cigar in the past. Not sure why it is this wrapper and roll, but it does disappoint me because I'm a fan of the other NUBs. The NUB maduro is still one of my favorite short cigars.
Big-T in Reading, MA October 4, 2010
Nub Habano 466
"She finished before I did!"
I normally don't smok'em that gage but I thoroughly enjoyed it to the end. In fact I could easily enjoyed another couple of inches!
Fred in Texas September 12, 2010
Nub Habano 460
This is a home run. Is it gimmicky? Sure, but they nailed it, perfect for times when you don't have a couple of hours to enjoy a good long smoke. Lasted for about 45 min, because I couldn't put it down. Most times more like an hour. Flavor was spicy up front, but almost immediately, mellowed into a complex, nutty, creamy goodness. Construction was good, ashed right up to the band, I'll have a few of these on hand at all times, for the right occasions.
Jason in Western MA July 8, 2010
Nub Habano 466
"Really good, should be bigger"
I enjoyed this cigar with my morning coffee. Too bad the cigar is not bigger, it only lasted 40 min. But every minute of it was a great smoking experience. Very rich puff with lots of aroma and full taste.
tzrnee in Slovenia June 5, 2010
Nub Habano 464T
I won a trip to the "Big Smoke" in Las Vegas in 2008 was able to attend both nights. (Thanks Zippo) The first night received a couple cigars at the Nub booth. The second night made it a point to hang around the booth at the end of the night and talked the Rep into throughing a couple extra in my goodie bag. They were an excellant smoke in those two nights but now have been mellowing in one of my MANY humidors for nearly two years and they have become one of the BEST smokes I've ever had.Would defanetly recommend these very highly.
Kevin in Saint Johns May 27, 2010
Nub Habano 358
"Nice, but get it's big brother"
This is a really nice cigar, with a full, rich, smooth flavor. But it's taste falls a little short of it's big brother, the Habano 460. I love smoking them, but would gladly cough up the extra $5 for the 460s.
Fred in Arkansas March 30, 2010
Nub Habano 460
"My New Favorite"
This is a great cigar. Full, rich smooth flavor from nearly the beginning to the end. I end up nearly burning my fingers on these just to get every bit.
Fred in Arkansas March 30, 2010
Nub Habano 464T
I bought these in the Nub Club 464T sampler deal on CigarMonster.com. They came highly recommended from a friend of mine. Upon receipt, the cigars were in perfect condition. The wrappers were super smooth and smelled amazing. After a little humidifying this little nub smelled even better. I cut the head and noticed that near the cap, the tobacco was packed pretty tightly. This inevitably affected the draw during the first 10-15 minutes, however this smoke lasted well over 1 hour (probably about 75 minutes total). Flavor and intensity only got better as the cigar burned. Definitely a new permanent addition to my humidor.
Dave in Stamford, CT November 9, 2009
Nub Habano 460
"Tasty stuff!"
Great aroma and taste all the way through. I was skeptical like others about the "short" nature of this cigar, but it burned for around an hour, and I was pleasantly surprised at how consistent the flavor was. Far better than Nub's Connecticut offerings. Will definitely buy again!
J in Green Mts November 3, 2009
Nub Habano 466
This is one tasty and spicy smoke. This fat nub gives off a pleasant smell out of the cello, the draw is perfect, construction, appearance also perfect. The burn however is uneven, Keeps canoeing. This smoke is a great smoke for any time of day or occasion.
Salvador in Texas September 28, 2009
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