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Nub Maduro 460 Reviews [view details]

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"what a wonderful surprise"
I enjoyed this cigar sooo much. It came free from Famous as part of a sampler pack with my purchase. Did NOT expect it to be so wonderful. I am unfamiliar with Nub but I will order this in the future. slow burn necessary for a short cigar, right? great flavor, great draw. This is why samplers are a great way to explore.
JT in Connecticut in May 20, 2014
"Pretty darn good"
I love these cigars, great smoke.
in December 12, 2013
"Great Cigar"
My favorite Nub is the maduro. There is a slight sweetness that I love. Don't let the size fool you. Even though they are small, the big diameter in the cigar allows it to be a good 45-60 minute smoke.
Morgan G. in Mississippi March 5, 2013
"One of the best maduro cigars"
Nub maduros? are some of the best cigars I?ve smoked. Nice aroma, great burn, good smoke, and much flavor. Love the large ring sizes. I would recommend these to all smokers. It?s a full body cigar that does not bite back. A real joy!
Big-T in Reading, MA October 27, 2011
"New to the Nub"
i just started smoking the nub and it has become one of my favorite cigars! it has a great aroma and very flavorful. the burn on these are excellent, my friends and i compete to see who can go the longest with out ashing.
Douglas R. in Yonkers, NY June 6, 2011
"Another favorite"
The best part of a cigar is the last 4" and I've always joked that you should cut them in half and start in the middle to get to the good part. With the Nub, there's no waiting to get to the last 4 inches. These little beautys are rich and delicious right from the first draw. They have a perfect draw, even burn, beautiful construction and not a hint of harshness. They are now part of my regular rotation of favorites.
Michael A. in Ontario Canada June 21, 2010
"Just Damn Good!"
I only smoke top shelf stuff, and these definetely make the grade! Don't be put off by what you might think is a gimmick. These cigars are the real deal! Need a good toasting because of the ring gauge, but they perform fantastically. Great ash, and even my fiance commented on how great they smell!!! I know, I hate that term. T
Todd in Seattle June 19, 2010
"Try one!!"
These fat little guys are great. Great draw, razor even burn very very good 'gar. If you haven't tried any of the Nubs your missing out
Mark in PDX September 21, 2009
"My Favorite Nub"
I'm a big fan of Nubs. I find they always have a great draw, great construction and great flavor with no harshness. My favorite until now had been the Habano, but the Maduro has taken its place. I've just finished smoking my way through a box, and every one was superb.
Paul in Mass August 13, 2009
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10 Appearance (91) 100
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10 Taste (88) 100
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10 Construction (91) 100
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