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Nub Maduro Reviews

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Nub Maduro 460
"what a wonderful surprise"
I enjoyed this cigar sooo much. It came free from Famous as part of a sampler pack with my purchase. Did NOT expect it to be so wonderful. I am unfamiliar with Nub but I will order this in the future. slow burn necessary for a short cigar, right? great flavor, great draw. This is why samplers are a great way to explore.
JT in Connecticut May 20, 2014
Nub Maduro 460
"Pretty darn good"
I love these cigars, great smoke.
JT in Connecticut May 20, 2014 December 12, 2013
Nub Maduro 358
"One trick pony"
Burned consistantly with only 2 minor fixes which doesn't bother me like it does some other guys. Ashed only once and has a mix of pepper and deep leather taste for the first 2 thirds and ended with a sweet taste for a minute. Smoke time was about 50 minutes. Not bad. I like the idea of the size but would rather spend the same amount or less on something more complex.
Jay in Pittsburgh, PA July 28, 2013
Nub Maduro 358
"1 of my favorites"
1 of my all time favorites. My "go to" smoke. Always great, never disappoints.
Rob P in NY March 24, 2013
Nub Maduro 460
"Great Cigar"
My favorite Nub is the maduro. There is a slight sweetness that I love. Don't let the size fool you. Even though they are small, the big diameter in the cigar allows it to be a good 45-60 minute smoke.
Morgan G. in Mississippi March 5, 2013
Nub Maduro 460 5pk
"25 minutes of pure pleasure"
This is one nice little cigar. It has great flavor right from the first draw to end. I smoked it to my finger tips and wished I had a pipe to finish the butt with. Nice rich flavor and good strength. At about $4 a stick in auctions its a real steal especially compared to the $10 a stick price I'm seeing now at local shops.
Tony Z in Syracuse NY November 30, 2012
Nub Maduro 460 5pk
"Not at all sweet."
I am a newby and and am in the new wave of infused cigar smokers. THis Maduro was harsh at first, but became smoother with time. I did not taste any infused flavorssuch as chocolate or nuts. Not a bad cigar.
Steven in California August 8, 2012
Nub Maduro 464T
Bland tobacco. The draw is decent. The flavor never really started out good and doesn't really get better or worse. Pass this one up.
Ian in Columbus,Ohio May 9, 2012
Nub Maduro 460
"One of the best maduro cigars"
Nub maduros? are some of the best cigars I?ve smoked. Nice aroma, great burn, good smoke, and much flavor. Love the large ring sizes. I would recommend these to all smokers. It?s a full body cigar that does not bite back. A real joy!
Big-T in Reading, MA October 27, 2011
Nub Maduro 464T
"Cigar Nirvana"
Perfect burn, perfect draw, outstanding flavor. Maybe the few i've tried were over humidified but there was blistering, cracking and some peeling on them. Even so it is still one of the best smokes i've had the pleasure of enjoying. I have one from a sampler in my humidor right now, and the construction is perfect, the others were not kept by me. If your are at all interested in trying these i'd recommend to go for it and draw your own conclusions.
Eric in Minnesota July 21, 2011
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