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I initially ordered only one of these thinking that it would be something weak and thin tasting, BOY WAS I WRONG!! These are smooth, mild bodies, tasteful cigars. They are appropriate for any time of the day. They pair well with just about anything to. YOU SIMPLY MUST BUY A BUNDLE AND TRY THEM OUT YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!
James N. in Orange, California December 30, 2014
"Surprisingly tasty, exceeded expectations."
I "won" a 10-pack of these on CigarAuctioneer when I was the only bidder, so I didn't have the highest of expectations when I lit my first one up. Boy, was I surprised! Smooth and creamy with just the right touch of sweetness-very enjoyable to smoke. It has piqued my interest in trying more of this line.
Mark in Minneapolis, MN August 30, 2007
"Occidental Reserves Presendente"
This cigar far exceeded my wildest expections, As far as expensive it is not and well worth the price, Once again I am very well pleased with the taste as compared to the all to pricey cigars twice the price. Just try a bundle and you will be very very surprised.
Daryl G. in Kansas January 4, 2007
If these are another of Gary's 'go to' daily cigars like the Flor de Oliva naturals then he is a lucky man. These are superb, even if I did have to cut some of them down to a more English size so as not to feel inadequate smoking them in public. Yes, penis extenders they may look like, but a fantastic cigar in the hand . ROY.R England
CreekEnd (UK) in UK November 17, 2006
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