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"Great Humidor for the Price"
This has worked out great for me! The only issue I have had with it is that the sticky tape that holds the humidifier to wood will not hold up. I still have to figure out a good option to fix this problem because my humidifier will not stay affixed to the top of the humidor.
CJ in West Virginia October 8, 2014
"Good Humidor"
Great humidor that holds the humidity well with a solid seal when closed. I have had no issues with holding the proper humidity and the Spanish cedar holds the humidity well. Cigars taste normal and age properly. Construction of the humidor is sturdy and not cheap. A well made humidor.
Anthony in California USA March 22, 2014
"Solid Purchase"
I have only had this box for a little while, but I am pleased with this purchase. It seasoned really quickly and looks great in my office. Only issues were the lock can be a little tricky but really no big deal and the adhesive on the humidifier wasn't the best. Overall this is a solid move, and I would recommend it.
Kilo in Atlanta December 21, 2013
"Very Nice Humidor"
This is is a wonderful humidor. Tight seal. A single Bovieda pack keeps it at the designated humidity nicely. Beautiful inlaid design makes it a great showpiece. Keep in mind that this will never hold 100 cigars. 60 assorted tops, and that's manipulating the smaller 4 inch lengths sideways with the larger lengths I have. At 65 cigars of all lengths and rings but mostly 5 inch Robusto's, almost had to keep the tray removed. Also keep in mind you'll need to replace the Hygrometer for a digital as I've never found a good analog unit (IMO). Great buy, great unit.
B Best in Windsor, ON November 23, 2012
"Had this for over a year now and still love it!!!!"
I truly love this humidor. very classy and built well. you won't be disappointed.
Jared in Oregon December 26, 2011
"Very nice humidor! Easy to season and balance!"
My wife and kids gave me this humidor for fathers day. With proper preparation you can have it seasoned and balanced in as few as 3 days.
Jerry Brown in Georgia June 22, 2011
"wish could see inside picture of all humidors."
Very elegant, wish I could see inside picture also.
vic in glendale, california October 23, 2010
"Great Humidor"
Great seal, appearance, and construction. A good choice for those that would like a more reserved-looking humidor without a lot of fittings, carving, inlay, or glass. The old map motif looks great, and the smell of Spanish cedar is wonderful. The only downside was the hygrometer that came with it - it's extremely difficult to adjust, even for an analog and even with the tiniest jeweler's screwdriver. All in all though I am very happy with my purchase, it has been holding a solid 70/70 (double-checked with a calibrated digital hygro) for months now.
Dave C in Beaufort, SC August 11, 2010
"Great Humidor"
Great Humidor! Looks great and keeps steady humidity. The only problem is the humidifier became a little bit moldy after a few weeks.
Jason in Sasebo Japan May 23, 2009
"Very attractive piece and nicely constructed."
Very happy with the finish and overall construction of this Humidor. Highly Recommended!
Andy in Auckland, New Zealand October 30, 2008