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Oliva Cain 654T Maduro Reviews [view details]

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"Best Maduro Cigar Made"
This is the very best maduro cigar and so much better than the habano version. I also like Diesel Unholy and La Herencia, which cost less, but the Cain Maduro is my overall favorite after 40 years of smoking cigars.
William in Miami FL October 13, 2013
"good cigar...but not the best oliva"
got these in a free 5 pack, decent cigar...but for the price i see on them, i would choose several other oliva's instead, the 660's come to my mind first, but not bad..
russell in brigantine,nj April 21, 2012
"To hell with this crap"
Smell good and look good but won't ever draw. These have serious draw problems. They are just packed way too tight. Had them aging for months and have to cut these all the way up, so might have well bought toro's or 60's instead! Even when cut up all the way they still won't draw. I think they don't perform draw tests when they roll - they should have noticed. This is junk....nomatter who makes them! I should have known; it's always the same with the torpedos, especially when they are packed tight. Stay away from these...
M.T. in Bay Point, CA August 17, 2010
"A MUST-TRY Powerhouse!"
I picked these up in the Cain test flight. The following week, I picked up a box of the 654T's. They are amazing. LOTS of flavor with a long finish, but I didn't find them too overpowering. I wished I picked up the 660's only because there's more to smoke! This has to be one of the best made cigars I've smoked. VERY tightly rolled, but perfect draw. Burns for well over an hour. Like a previous review stated, the wrappers did crack during smoking on the 654T, but the cigar did not unravel like I was afraid it would, and it didn't affect smoking at all. I've smoked several from the new box and had no problem with any of them. The only problem I see with the 654T's is that they're not 10 inches long! I can't get enough of them. Well worth the price.
David in Fort Lauderdale April 24, 2010
"Overall most excellent cigar."
Wrappers cracked but obviously not because too dry or too much moisture and does not affect neither the burn nor taste of a very, very excellent cigar. Like slightly better than the 6 X 60. One of my favorites.
hbear in SC April 23, 2010
"great cigar...all the way through."
starts and finishes with great flavor..a must try for any cigar smoker.
in March 16, 2010
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