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Oliva Cain 660 Habano Reviews [view details]

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"Great Flavor.....construction sloppy"
Great flavor on this cigar, but the wrapper kept peeling off. I'm going to stick with the smaller sizes on this one.
Arthur in Boston November 4, 2011
"Better than outstanding!"
I have smoked many, many cigars in 15 years. This is by far the best non-Cuban I've had. In fact, it is better than most of the Cubans I have smoked. Believe the hype!
Michael in New York April 3, 2011
"Best non-Cuban I've smoked!"
I recently purchased this stick in a best of full flavored sampler here. It was the last of the sticks that I got around two and as such it aged in my humidor for only about two weeks. Let's simply say that it was fantastic. First, I accumulated a 5 inch ash on this, I seriously had more ash than cigar by the end. The taste is subtle yet complex, the draw was nice; not too firm but not at all weak. I enjoyed this on a night when the outside temp was less than 40 degrees (I do not smoke in my home) and it was worth the frozen fingers. It perfectly complimented the hearty vegetable stew I'd just enjoyed with notes of figs, and caramel. The crazy thing is how this cigar ended, with a strong taste of brown sugar. Simply amazing and not to be missed, buy a couple of these; smoke one now and age the other for a few months!
Thomas in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky March 27, 2011
"Not impressed"
I smoked cigars regularly way back in my twenties and thirties. I quit when prices went crazy. I began smoking cigars again about a month ago. I like full/intense flavor. I wanted to try one of these and I wanted to try it RIGHT NOW. I visited my local smoke shop to purchase one. I specifically asked the owner for the biggest, full bodied, best tasting cigar he had in his humidor and this is what he suggested. I like the appearance and the feel of this cigar. It has a very good ash. However, the draw was too easy and the burn uneven. I had to continually "touch up" to keep it burning evenly. Although it smelled good, flavor was just "OK". It did not have the full/intense flavor I was led to believe it had. Maybe I just got a stinker. I won't buy this cigar again. I am smoking cigars on a retirement income so my purchase and experimentation with cigars that are new to me is limited.
Liam in Oklahoma November 15, 2010
"Good, but not up to the hype"
The marketing for Cain makes you expect that it will be the strongest cigar you've ever had. IMO, El Rico Habano still holds that award. Appearance delicious. Draw way too easy, which caused burn problems, requiring torch repairs several times. Flavor decent, but not as strong as advertised, and not as peppery as I would have liked. Still, I liked the one single I had enough to want to try some more. If the burn and draw aren't different next time, I'll pass thereafter.
Brent in Bismarck ND April 15, 2010
"Do not miss this one"
You can read all of the B.S. that these cigar stores tell you and you will never get one of them to tell you that this is a great smoke for the money. It started off just fine and finished well ahead of expectations. It was a comfortable ride the entire way. I am not easy to please but this smoke was just right. An every day smoke for all that love great smooth smokes. Yo
Yo in Atlanta February 9, 2010
Smooth cigar. Great taste and good finish.
Bill in Plano Texas January 14, 2010
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10 Burn (84) 100
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10 Consistency (88) 100
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10 Draw (86) 100
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10 Appearance (93) 100
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10 Taste (89) 100
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10 Construction (84) 100
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