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Oliva Cain Reviews

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Oliva Cain 550 Maduro 5 Pack
"Good Luck finding a better Maduro for the $"
I picked up a 5 pack on the this auction and paid just over 3$ a cigar and wow what a cigar. I would agree with most the post on this cigar truly a well built cigar. Pretty flawless burn great draw and superb taste. I like a good maduro cigar, this one is bold not a cigar for the morning coffee, would be a better after dinner smoke. Very satisfying with lots of wonderful smoke and a nice culmination of a little spice in the beginning, leather and cocoa throughout with that sweetness undertone. Like I said you can't go wrong with this cigar for the price. I've paid more for cigars that don't even compare to this total package cigar.
Tom in kokomo IN May 30, 2012
Oliva Cain 550 Maduro
"When your in the mood for a spicy cigar..."
Spice bomb on first few puffs, tight draw, gorgeous white ash, 1/3 Lots of pepper laced with sweetness, 2/3 sweetness diminishes but not completely, more woody flavors with intense heat, 3/3 more pronounced cocoa sweetness and some roasted marshmallow with the ubiquitous pepper. Excellent stick.
Omar in Diamond Bar April 27, 2012
Oliva Cain 654T Maduro
"good cigar...but not the best oliva"
got these in a free 5 pack, decent cigar...but for the price i see on them, i would choose several other oliva's instead, the 660's come to my mind first, but not bad..
russell in brigantine,nj April 21, 2012
Oliva Cain 550 Habano
Forgot I had this in the humidor. I picked it up and man its HEFTY. Literally put this on a scale and it clocked in at 0.60oz. Super dense cigar and a super dense smoke. Slightly sweet with a nice earthy tobacco. The occasional spicy feel in the mouth that slides back into a nice deep sweet tobacco. Perfect burn. Great draw. Ashes a little too often but just keep an eye on it and your shirt/pants will be fine. I will definitely be adding this to my favorites and buying a box later on.
Ian in Columbus, Ohio April 19, 2012
Oliva Cain 660 Maduro
"another winner for oliva cain"
i got 4 of these in a sampler,there a great cigar just like the oliva natural i smoked about 3 weeks ago. man these cigars are built perfect, great look, burn and draw was exellent,nice spicy taste, smooth aroma.the maduro a touch stronger than the natural but both were A-1 and smooooth..buy em
russell in brigantine,nj February 17, 2012
Oliva Cain 550 Maduro
The Oliva G is so much better. I was REALLY disappointed by this.
russell in brigantine,nj February 17, 2012 November 16, 2011
Oliva Cain 660 Habano
"Great Flavor.....construction sloppy"
Great flavor on this cigar, but the wrapper kept peeling off. I'm going to stick with the smaller sizes on this one.
Arthur in Boston November 4, 2011
Oliva Cain 550 Habano
"Great Stick"
Really enjoy these sticks. Very consistent, produces a good volume of flavorful smoke. Nothing not to like about these cigars.
Brandon in Kalamazoo September 30, 2011
Oliva Cain 550 Maduro
"Real pleasure!"
Perfect construction from cap to foot, very evenly rolled. Med-full body, also med strength. The stick gives off much smoke from an easy draw. Burned straight, slow with no problems. I could put it down, almost forget about it and pick it up to a full rich draw. Very nice cedar-y, woody notes that turn into a smooth cocoa...nut note as you hit the last 3rd. Until now i've primarily stuck to Cameroon wrappers (Torano 1916, Oliva G and Don Carlos), but have ventured into more robust/complex smokes and for the price...this is my favorite!! Great job Oliva!!
Brandon in Kalamazoo September 30, 2011 in Burbank July 28, 2011
Oliva Cain 550 Habano
"Great Smoke"
Great med-full cigar. I really enjoy this one a real good construction with a nice long burn. If you can pick up a boxes on sale I highly recommend stocking up on a few.
Zach S in Ventura CA July 4, 2011
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