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Oliva Cain F 660 Reviews [view details]

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"No flavour"
I had great hopes for this stick but if falls seriously short in the flavour department. Meaning, it has virtually no flavour. Nor did I find it very strong. If you're looking for both flavour and strength try the JDN Antano 1970 or the LFD Double Ligero Digger Maduro.
Craig in Minnesota September 11, 2013
"My favorite strong stick"
The 60 gauge has replaced the F Lancero as my favorite full-strength cigar. The taste lingers well on the tongue.
Dan B. in Jacksonville, TX June 6, 2013
"One of Oliva's Worst"
As a huge Oliva fan I am really disappointed by this cigar. Next to no complexity or richness. In my opinion these cigars are simply strong for strong's sake. Boring with a lot of nicotine. Not surprising there are so many positive reviews of this stick seeing that 'bombs' are really trendy right now.
in December 15, 2012
"Good Blend of Strength and Flavor"
This cigar is a great blend of flavor and strength. Now and then I like to have a strong cigar but shy away from the ones with lots of strength but a harsh flavor. This one did a great job of mixing a decent strength with really good flavor. You do not feel like you're smoking a full strength cigar. I like that allot. The only downside to it was the burn. It had rested in my humidor for a couple of months before I got around to smoking it. The burn was a little lopsided and I had to touch it up after about he halfway point. Other than that this was a great smoke for a decent price.
azcatfan in Tucson, AZ May 26, 2012
"oliva cain as sweet and smooth as the name"
yes, this one ranks in the top two or three in this sampler, i like the habano also.... took this one on a short trip with a few other gars, great looks and construction the burn was perfect consis. great tast and aroma....little pricy but i'd like to do it again
russell in brigantine,nj January 26, 2012
"Pretty Good"
This is a pretty good cigar. The wrapper came a part on me just after hitting the sweet spot. However, I did work on this guy for sometime. Take your time and enjoy this one slowly on poker night.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. November 6, 2011
"All They said it would be."
It looked good, it taste good. The draw was smooth and full and the burn was even. A well constructed smoke that I can't get enough of. It leaves a strong impression. Classy!
Courtland Van Oden in Riverside, Ca December 19, 2010
"The best cigar ever. Period!"
I have smoked many cigars in my life looking for a perfect mix of strength, and flavor. The vast majority are either strong with overpowering pepper notes, or have a nice complex mix of flavors, but too weak for my taste. I had settled on the Cain 660 Maduro, and still love these cigars for their exceptional quality, draw, taste, and consistency. That being said, there is a new standard for those of us who love a great full bodied smoke that is both strong and smooth at the same time. These have a nice pepper note through out, without being overpowering. You also get some nice spice notes, as well as hints of coffee, dark chocolate, and cedar as the cigar progresses. I have been a huge fan of Oliva for several years, and I must say along with the V Serie, the Cain by Oliva are some of the best cigars ever produced. You also can not beat the price. You can pay more, but you will not find a better smoke with so much strength, and flavor.
Larry in Indianapolis, IN August 18, 2010
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