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Oliva Cain F Reviews

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Oliva Cain F Nub 464T
It s a really nice cigar, but not so good as Nub Cameroon 460. The Cameroon has more taste and character! ;
Vasil in CA June 4, 2014
Oliva Cain F Nub 464T
"Excellent given the right circumstances"
This was perfect tonight after a spicy meal. I puffed it slowly, between 5-minute breaks [the advantage of such a large ring], and thus managed to make it last for well over an hour without having to relight. These Ligeros aren t as strong as say the ones in the La Bomba line, but the dark flavors are more meaty, and it paired nicely with a sherry barrel-aged scotch. 88 points
Stefan in City by the Bay May 8, 2014
Oliva Cain F Nub 464T
nice shorty good burn great for short smoke after dinner not as good as the 660 though
BIGD3392 in rocky point long island December 30, 2013
Oliva Cain F 660
"No flavour"
I had great hopes for this stick but if falls seriously short in the flavour department. Meaning, it has virtually no flavour. Nor did I find it very strong. If you're looking for both flavour and strength try the JDN Antano 1970 or the LFD Double Ligero Digger Maduro.
Craig in Minnesota September 11, 2013
Oliva Cain F Nub 464T
"Not bad"
Nice, slow burn (lasted for about 40 minutes) and excellent draw. Not smooth (which from my experience is typical of Nicaraguan cigars) but no out-of-balance harshness either; strong flavor profile, and not too easy to pair with whisky -- pure sherry-influenced scotch seemed to work alright though.
Stefan in San Francisco August 17, 2013
Oliva Cain F 660
"My favorite strong stick"
The 60 gauge has replaced the F Lancero as my favorite full-strength cigar. The taste lingers well on the tongue.
Dan B. in Jacksonville, TX June 6, 2013
Oliva Cain F 550
"Nice Smoke"
Nice smoke, full bodied but not harsh. A little one dimensional, but I've spent a lot more on lesser cigars. Great construction, great burn
James February 13, 2013
Oliva Cain F Nub 460
"F must stand for fuerte"
strong? yes, but not harsh in any way. not as linear as nub maduro, more width, but still ligero sharp. you will feel this in your gut, the sign of a strong cigar, very satisfying. i still like the broadleaf wrapper of the regular nub, but this holds it's own right next to it. doesn't seem to have the wrapper splitting problem of the original nub maduro. this will be a hit!
ds in oregon December 27, 2012
Oliva Cain F 660
"One of Oliva's Worst"
As a huge Oliva fan I am really disappointed by this cigar. Next to no complexity or richness. In my opinion these cigars are simply strong for strong's sake. Boring with a lot of nicotine. Not surprising there are so many positive reviews of this stick seeing that 'bombs' are really trendy right now.
ds in oregon December 27, 2012 December 15, 2012
Oliva Cain F 660
"Good Blend of Strength and Flavor"
This cigar is a great blend of flavor and strength. Now and then I like to have a strong cigar but shy away from the ones with lots of strength but a harsh flavor. This one did a great job of mixing a decent strength with really good flavor. You do not feel like you're smoking a full strength cigar. I like that allot. The only downside to it was the burn. It had rested in my humidor for a couple of months before I got around to smoking it. The burn was a little lopsided and I had to touch it up after about he halfway point. Other than that this was a great smoke for a decent price.
azcatfan in Tucson, AZ May 26, 2012
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