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Oliva Cain F Reviews

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Oliva Cain F 550
As good a full-bodied non-Cuban that I have ever smoked!
Paul in Monterey,CA September 4, 2011
Oliva Cain F 654 Torpedo
"Best FULL body cigar"
If you enjoy FULL body cigars, this is the one for you. It only gets better as you smoke it. Full flavor from tip to tip
Vincent Friedel in Sarasota FL June 15, 2011
Oliva Cain F 550
"Not a great cigar"
OK ... the reviews are high but I'm not sure if the are that good. I've smoked in 2 months nearly 2 boxes ... my palate says no for a while, too boring, no taste to speak of, etc. Certainly nothing to rave about ... just another tasteless cigar ... be careful when buying.
rljcooper in Irving, TX May 3, 2011
Oliva Cain F 550
""Home Run""
This is the first cigar I've smoked that actually matched it's rating. 95 "on the money"
M. M. Dodson in Oklahoma February 18, 2011
Oliva Cain F 654 Torpedo
"The best I've smoked so far."
Love this cigar,about half way through it gets even better. You might burn your fingers holding on to it to the last draw.
Tim in Huntsville Al February 7, 2011
Oliva Cain F 660
"All They said it would be."
It looked good, it taste good. The draw was smooth and full and the burn was even. A well constructed smoke that I can't get enough of. It leaves a strong impression. Classy!
Courtland Van Oden in Riverside, Ca December 19, 2010
Oliva Cain F 654 Torpedo
"Worst I've ever had"
Worst cigar ever. Might as well be smoking oak leaves.
Irishinski in Sourth Bend September 26, 2010
Oliva Cain F Test Flight
Tried a couple of Cain Straight Ligero on recommendation. They were a nice cigar. Nice flavor and smooth. I picked up a couple more the next time I was in the store and found them to b a bit bitter and unsatisfying. I was disappointed on the second try.
James McKinnon in Brigden Ont. Canada September 25, 2010
Oliva Cain F 550
"One of my all time favorite smokes"
This is an exceptional smoke for those of us who enjoy a full flavored smoke that is also smooth with a complex flavor. The burn is consistently even, the draw is easy without the smoke getting hot, the construction is impeccable, and the overall appearance of these cigars is simply beautiful. I smoke at least one of these a day!
Larry in Indianpolis, IN September 6, 2010
Oliva Cain F 550
"Excellent smoke"
Wow what a smooth cigar, great mouth feel, strong but not overpowering. Even burn, tight roll, easy dray. Possibly my favorite smoke.
Rowdy B in Napa Ca September 1, 2010
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