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Oliva Cain Nub Reviews

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Oliva Cain Nub 460 Maduro
I love this cigar. The triple ligero guarantees a true full bodied experience. To me, it is smooth powerhouse that consistently provides plenty of flavor.
BR in Chester, VA January 12, 2014
Oliva Cain Nub 464 Maduro
"Literally Un-smokable"
Smoking is supposed to be relaxing, but this cigar gave my lungs a woek-out. It was rolled so tightly that I felt as though I was inhaling through a bar-straw, making it unbearable to smoke.
Dan in CT November 29, 2012
Oliva Cain Nub 460 Maduro
"Love the nubs by oliva but this falls short"
I saw the rating for this cigar and I don't agree. It was smooth for a mid to full body cigar but the draw was bad.It tasted nutty with a hint of pepper. I would rate this an 80 at best.If you want to try the a nub, try the nub460 cameroon.
manny in oswego June 23, 2012
Oliva Cain Nub 460 Maduro
"Too Harsh"
I usually like full bodied cigars but this was just awful. Taste was bad, the draw wasn't that great, and my throat felt like death afterwords.
Mike in Reno May 24, 2012
Oliva Cain Nub 464 Maduro
"Wow out of control good"
Great stick loved every second of it. Nutty leathery goodness tons of smoke found my new favorite smoke worth every penny
ken s in utah September 3, 2011
Oliva Cain Nub 464 Habano
"Short, fat, complex, tasty!"
Great little cigar. Had a hard time lighting it but after it was burning, it is a cool tasty smoke. A little spice at first, but mellows to mocha, creamy flavor. I like them and they last an hour.
Shelly in California August 13, 2011
Oliva Cain Nub 464 Maduro
I got this in the 9 Masters Sampler. I was pleasantly suprised with all the flavor packed into this bad boy. Don't let the size fool ya, it'll last an hour. The one I had may have been rolled a bit tight, but was definately still smokable. I'll look for this cigar again in the future.
Wade in Indianapolis July 11, 2011
Oliva Cain Nub 460 Maduro
"Exceptional Cigar"
I have not been an Oliva fan in the past. Although this may not completely change my mind, this was an exceptional cigar. Solid construction with smooth bold flavor and an excellent draw, well done.
Rick in Japan June 5, 2011
Oliva Cain Nub 464 Maduro
"Fantastic Smoke"
I did not know what to expect when I smoked this for the first time, but this cigar is now my favorite. It is smooth, delicious, with a perfect draw. I just ordered more.
Dan P in Parker May 26, 2011
Oliva Cain Nub 460 Maduro
good cigar, even burning and full of flavor
peter in NC October 9, 2010
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