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Oliva Connecticut Reserve Reviews

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Oliva Connecticut Reserve Double Toro
"This Isn't Your Typical Connecticut"
I am not too fond of Connecticut wrapped smokes, but this is an extreme exception. I absolutely love the way this cigar smokes. It is creamy and has a slight earthiness. I also noticed a developed pepper note but not too significant. The strength is a solid medium and this smoke is one you don't realize is over until it has your fingers burning. The burn was a little rough but seriously try this smoke.
Robert in Sayre, OK September 20, 2014
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Torpedo
"Mild but has a kick"
I really liked this cigar! It was smooth and easy to smoke, but packed a buzz like a stronger cigar. Mild flavor but perfect. I would definitely order it again.
K. July 23, 2014
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Lonsdale
"Creamy as Oliva States"
Mild and has almost a creamy coffee style undertone with cedar. I was very pleased, keep in mind it is a mild cigar.
Sid in St.Louis July 11, 2014
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto
"Stately, Subtle, and Rich"
Mild-to-medium strength, mild body. Flavor: cream, sweet cedar, light honey, blossom water; notes of cinnamon, toast, dark chocolate, faint butterscotch/caramel. Long finish. Highs: consistent, balanced flavor profile; rich, long finish; good development, superlative ending; excellent burn and construction; almost purely purge-free. Lows: pace of development a bit slow. Complimentary pairing: water, balanced IPA, white rum, tequila aƱejo or reposado, cognac, gin and hazelnut liqueur. Contrasting pairing: single-malt scotch, aged cognac. Conclusion: sensational Connecticut offers good development of rich, broad palate of balanced flavors.
Tom in L.A. April 27, 2014
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Lonsdale
Not bad, but expected better. stronger than any Mild I ve had. I can think of several Lonsdales I d rather have for the money.
Don in Las Vegas April 23, 2014
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Churchill
Wonderful Connecticut style smoke.
G Griffis April 16, 2014
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto
I am a fan of full body cigars, however like something on the mild side from time to time. This is an amazing cigar, nice flavours, although I do struggle to identify anything specific, smooth, light smoke, that doesn't clog down the taste buds. This is a very nice cigar, will be getting some more
Douglas in New Zealand January 30, 2014
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Test Flight
"These are decent cigars!"
Really cool cigar, but is to mild for my taste! Overall these are really good constructed and quality cigars. :
Vasil in CA January 26, 2014
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Toro
"Nice smooth cigar"
I bought the cigar sampler pack and decided to try the Olivia from the pack. I use a punch cutter and it gives a good cut and draw from it. The cigar started mildly spicy and smoothed out over the course of the smoke. It s a very nice easy smoke. The only issue I had was the burn on it. It started off even, but had 3 times during the course of the cigar where it got uneven and I had to use my lighter to even it out.
Keith in Dallas January 21, 2014
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Torpedo
"Very Mild"
If you re a big fan of Montecristo, like me, you ll love this cigar-- I d compare it to the yellow box all day, although it has its own unique flavor. It s a very subtle taste and truly mild, but if you like the medium body stuff, this one s not for you. Maybe a just a little TOO mild...
WyrelessMike in Benton, AR December 12, 2013
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