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Oliva Connecticut Reserve Reviews

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Oliva Connecticut Reserve Churchill
"Great cigar - smooth, burns and draws great"
Great cigar - smooth, burns and draws great! No bite to it even with the last draw. The only downside is the outside wrapper can come a little loose, but not a big problem.
Alan in La Crosse WI November 8, 2013
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Toro
"Wonderfully Smooth"
Loved it, everything was just right about this stick. Makes for a perfect morning coffee and smoke. Great way to start a Friday or end a Sunday. I will definitely buy more.
A.j. in WSMR September 17, 2013
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto
"One of the best!"
I believe, the best cigar I have ever smoked. I felt sad when I finished it. Totally enjoyable mild smoke. It had great flavours and a perfect draw. I think I've finally found my cigar! Highly recommend it.
Jason S. in North Central Ohio August 30, 2013
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto
"One of the best I've ever smoked."
I believe the most enjoyable cigar I have ever smoked! I was sad when I reached the end and found it hard to stop smoking it. Smooth mild flavour and an excellent draw from start to finish. Highly recommended.
Jason Scanlan in North Central Ohio August 30, 2013
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto
Received my 5 pack order today and put 4 of them to rest in my humidor. I decided after reviewing my inventory that I'd give this a try! This one lives up to its reviews! I enjoyed it to its fullest - no relights, perfect burn and draw. If you have not tried one before, I recommend them!
JC in Raleigh, NC August 28, 2013
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto
"Very pleasant everyday smoke."
Draw, burn, construction, and amount of smoke was all very nice. Smooth, not spicy (but not "creamy" either). Very good mild, everyday smoke.
BMW in PA August 8, 2013
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Double Toro
"Awesome smoke! Can't always smoke the darkies."
Great smoke from start to finish. Love the 60's and that you can buy 10 in a box.
Pat in Philly April 16, 2013
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Churchill
"very good cigar"
Excellent cigar Typical Oliva
Samvel in Jacksonville March 23, 2013
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Toro
"An excellent mild to medium bodied cigar"
This cigar is class. Has almost a creamy taste to it and is well blended. Starts out mild and toward then end gets a little more bite to it, which for me sets the consistency off just right. I always get at least 30 mins or more smoke time with these. Highly recommended for beginner smokers to seasoned smokers.
Mr. J in Atlanta March 7, 2013
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Lonsdale
"Mild, creamy, sweet"
If you want a milder stick, for $5-$6 a piece, you really cant go wrong with a box of these. They are very sweet though, prob the sweetest nonflavored stick i've ever Had. Absolutely beautiful construction and i think it might be the best cigar to offer a beginner smoker. My preferred vitola is the lonsdale, but i love any of the vitolas. Great morning smoke, or on an empty stomach at any time.
KS in NYC February 23, 2013
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