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Oliva Connecticut Reserve Reviews

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Oliva Connecticut Reserve Churchill
"Great Cigar"
Great cigar light no bad after taste.
Nick in New York September 1, 2012
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Churchill 5pk
"Great cigar!"
Excellent smoke! Mild, flavorful...smooth burn. All around winner.
Jake in NY August 11, 2012
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Torpedo
"I didn't want it to end"
Torpedo's draw was just right. Creamy smoke. Nice mix of flavors. Last third just really mellowed out after a bit of spice and some nuttiness. I'm still enjoying the after-taste two hours later, which is not usual for me. I'll ask for a box for my birthday this year.
JS in Seattle June 9, 2012
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto
"Pleasant smoke."
Very satisfactory cigar. Will purchase again.
Peter in Modesto, CA June 4, 2012
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto
"Excellent smoke"
Got one of these at a local smoke shop at the advice of the proprietor. I explained that I am a bit of a newbie...and am not yet to the stage where I enjoy strong cigars. I have liked other Oliva cigars but after trying this, I have a new favorite. I cannot speak for the smokers with years of experience with cigars, but for those who are just getting their feet wet, this is an excellent cigar. It has a great flavor, but isn't overpowering.
Tony in Denver, Colorado April 26, 2012
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Petit Corona
"the best small cigar yet"
A great smoke for when you don't have a lot of time. well made, good draw, razor thin even burn line.
MC in Dallas April 6, 2012
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Petit Corona
This little cigar is one of the best there is in little cigars. Nutty,mild, flavorful, buttery, razor sharp burn. Smoked it to beyond the nub. Draw was a tad tight but not a huge problem.
Bandy in Midwest November 3, 2011
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto
"Daily Companion"
The Connecticut Reserve Robusto may well be my favorite "Connecticut". There are times in the late afternoon or even late evening when a simple but totally enjoyable smoke is just the thing to relax the mind and soothe the soul. The draw is remarkably smooth and consistant throughout while the smoke fills the mouth with light cream and spice. It finishes dry on the lips and memorable in the nose. For me, it's perfect complement is a glass of single malt scotch; my choice with this cigar being a Glenlivet 15 yr French Oak Reserve. Deep, rich oak overtones matching perfectly with the saucy spice of the stick. This smoke hs become my daily companion. Pleasant dreams.
Steve in Huntington Beach CA September 19, 2011
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Churchill
"Fantastic cigar"
Lately I have not been a fan of Connecticut wrapper cigars, but was always an Oliva smoker. I decided to give these a shot and I was blown away. I get the smooth, creamy nuttiness combined with the spicy, woody Nicaraguan filler. Very full bodied and satisfying. Loved it!
kbrown in Spring, TX August 13, 2011
Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto
"Decent smoke"
A very well constructed stick with a beautiful wrapper, great burn and draw. It is a very mild Connecticut so it can be smoked pretty much any time of the day with no buzz or high whatsoever. I would recommend this to new smokers or anyone who is looking for a very light smoke. It does lack a little in the flavor department compared to other Connecticuts though....
mark in SC July 4, 2011
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