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Oliva Master Blends 3 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Smooth cigar"
That one is a really nice cigar, but honestly I expected more!...
Vasil in CA January 30, 2014
"Very Smooth"
I have to wonder how these getting some iffy reviews? I ve let a few sit for quite some time and they are just as smooth and flavorful as the 1st. The one I least enjoyed, I was hurried and puffed like I was going to the chair. These need be smoked really slow to fully enjoy them. 5 packs on the Monster well worth it. Very consistent, burn was excellent, didn t need touch ups or relight and I was letting it sit for 2-3 mins.
MartyM in Chicago January 21, 2014
"had better"
It was ok. Not the greatest Oliva Ive had. I feel its a little over hyped. Flawed Construction on the 3 of the 5 I have tried so far.
michael in Iowa November 27, 2013
"Nice Smoke"
I originally recieved 2 churchills in a sampler pack and didn't know anything about them so I let them sit for months and months. One day I spotted one in the bottom of my humidor and stuffed it in my shirt pocket to smoke later that day while on break. I was very impressed with the flavor that lasted from start to finish. I read up on it and figured out that this was one of Oliva's premium sticks. I've since been getting 5 packs on sale through FS and other sources every time I see them offered. These are definitely in my top 5 of favorites.
M. Champ in New Orleans La. November 7, 2013
"Pretty nice smoke should at least try one"
Really good smoke nothing really stood out as being terrific but that is just to my taste but overall a great cigar to someone
Dylan J. in South Carolina June 17, 2013
"Amazing Cigar !"
This cigar is one of my top five ! Oliva doesn't market it much, and I don't know why. Try it !!
Clarke in Annapolis Maryland May 13, 2013
"One of the best!!!!!"
This is one of my favorite sticks. I Have smoked a few boxes. Great construction, holds a inch and half ash at times. Great flavor, full body but not to strong. Can smoke it in the morning and not feel lightheaded. Overall would recommended buying a box.
brandon in Richmond Ky February 24, 2013
"Smooth and delicious ... special smoke"
Tight draw early, opens up a bit as you go. Smoooooooth smoke ... nice flavors -- nutty, oaky ... worked well with a big cabernet and even better the next time around with a honey bourbon drink. Perfect burn, perfect construction ... a true gem. You can find these on a 5-pack special (buy 2, get one free) ... that's 15 sticks for about $90 ... throw in an online coupon for $15 off ... that's $75 for 15 sticks ... $5 a pop ... get out! Ridiculous bargain. Thank you Famous Smoke!
brobes in Agoura Hills, CA October 15, 2012
"Special Occasion Smoke"
What a great cigar. These stand at the top of the Oliva Hill!!
Chester L in Kent City, Michigan July 13, 2012
"A Beauty"
Simply fabulous, cannot let it go until it is done. The flavors are awesome, I HAVE to get a box of these. Draw and burn is good, too. Out of 30~40 different cigars I have smoked in the past few months, this is easily in the top 3.
David C in Ontario May 16, 2012
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10 Taste (97) 100
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10 Construction (95) 100
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