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Oliva Master Blends 3 Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Special Occasion Smoke"
What a great cigar. These stand at the top of the Oliva Hill!!
Chester L in Kent City, Michigan July 13, 2012
"A Beauty"
Simply fabulous, cannot let it go until it is done. The flavors are awesome, I HAVE to get a box of these. Draw and burn is good, too. Out of 30~40 different cigars I have smoked in the past few months, this is easily in the top 3.
David C in Ontario May 16, 2012
"Amazing Cigar!!"
Very nice cigar. Perfect for any occasion.
Ralph Alcala in Long Beach August 26, 2011
"Amazing smoke"
Got this as part of a sampler, and tried it after 4 months rest. The rich, full smoke just filled my mouth, and kept billowing out. Flavor was full but smooth. Minor burn issue which self-corrected. This was the first cigar I truly nubbed -I just couldn't put it down!
Brian in Honolulu, Hawaii August 25, 2011
"Taste great, Loose Construction"
Taste great, rolled too loose
Ed in Washington Crossing March 10, 2009
"A Masterpiece"
Beautiful cigar. Very rich taste with subtle sweetness and powerful with spices abundantly present. As powerful as the Oliva Series V but with a more enticing taste and smooth as silk. The burn is flawless throughout and the draw slightly firm but readily accessible. By far the best cigar in Oliva's lineup. If you love Oliva but haven't tried a Master's Blend 3 then do yourself a favor and grab one if you can find them.
Graham in San Jose, CA January 26, 2008
"Full Bodied is an understatement!"
Just had one of these for the first time today and man did it lay me out! I love the Oliva line and it's pretty much all I smoke, so when they said that this one was full bodied I didn't really pay much attention to that but man was it good. I wouldn't recommend this cigar for a beginner.
Scott Johnson in NC December 27, 2006
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