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Oliva Master Blends 3 Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"Eating My Words..."
My previous review was so-so and based on sticks with 2 weeks humidor time. I have just smoked two more with 6 months humidor time and this is an now absolutely stunning cigar, with rich tropical fruit nuances from a third of the way in. Highlights are elements of mango and coriander as the cigar reaches the halfway point. Construction is as perfect as it gets.
MacBryan in Malaysia June 29, 2014
"Good But Not That Good"
As I can get Cubans quite legally where I live, I buy non-Cubans either because they offer excellent value or because they offer a different and special smoking experience. Now this is a very good everyday smoke, but it costs the same as a Partagas Lusitania Cuban or a Fuente Reserva #48, which are both exceptional smokes. For me, the Fuente Double Chateau Sun Grown offers an equally good smoke at less than half the price, as does the Don Pepin Garcia Blue Blue Label range at around 60% of the price. So is it different or special? No, the Kristoff Ligero Maduro Churchil is different AND special and only $8 per stick , as is the Camacho Triple Maduro 11/18 at $8.50. Frankly, if it were 6 bucks a pop I would buy it, but at $11.50 box prices there are many more interesting cigars out there.
MacBryan in Malaysia December 16, 2013
OK, so first I want to sum it up as wow. This is not a cigar for the faint of heart. The nicotine amount will make some sick to the stomach. Definitely not for the uninitiated. With that being said the wrapper is oily and luxurious. Its so well constructed and the box press is a nice touch. The smoke is rich and the draw smooth and its a hard smoke to put down. It definitely deserves the title master blend as it was made with great care in blending the different tobacco. I do have to say though I would not recommend it for the occasional smoker.
Eric in Minnesota September 20, 2013
"worth every penny"
i absolutely love these cigars. they are strong, smooth, have a great draw, and have a great flavor. i cannot recommend highly enough. i have never regretted a single one that i have smoked. this is money well spent.
chris in baltimore December 9, 2012
"Best Ever"
I love the series V, it's a great smoke but when I smoked the Oliva Master Blend 3 I was floored, it has a taste to die for. It's a strong finish and consistent throughout. It's a must try..
Eric in California February 27, 2010
"A Truly Masterful Blend"
I bought a sampler pack of Oliva's because I had heard so much about them. Boy was i surprised when I smoked my first Oliva O robusto. It was fantastic. Next I smoked the Series G Maduro robusto and loved it even more. I was beginning to think I had found the best cigars around. Yesterday after aging my Master Blends for 3 weeks in my humidor I broke it out. Oh my god. That was the best cigar I have ever had. I am fairly new to the Cigar world but have quickly tried many brands. My favorite cigar thus far has been the Padilla 1932's. The Master Blends is a beautiful mix of the smoothness of the O's and the bite of the G's. This was an amazing cigar. It burnt absolutely perfect. It had the perfect draw. The build was absolutely splendid. I wish more box pressed cigars had the wonderfully round shape to it. If you like your cigars full bodied and flavorful, do not look any further. There were hints of cream, cedar, woody flavors, and it was smooth to the end. I nubbed this thing big time and even when my fingertips were burning, my lips were not. This is a fantastic cigar. I was absolutely blown away.
Joshua in Corona August 28, 2008
"Another favorite"
After a few months in my humidor, they were a real pleasure to smoke. Not for the meek... A complex full-bodied smoke. A joy for the developed palate.
Rafael in Odessa, FL April 8, 2008
"one hella of a smoke"
This is one of the best cigars I have smoked. One of my daily smokes u just can't get much better. I always have a good supply in the humidor for myself, not one that I share with friends. A 10 in my book.
Erik in ann arbor mi December 17, 2007
I smoke about 5 to 7 cigars a day (Maduro's). I smoked my first Master Blend yesterday and WOW!!! This cigar is super heavy duty!! I didn't need another cigar for the rest of the day. It is a heavy duty smoke and the novice or uninitiated should stay away from this baby. It's not a bad cigar, just very complex STRONG smoke. I enjoy a good rich smoke but this Master Blend is just too much for me. Good luck if you decide to try one.
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