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Oliva Serie G Belicoso Reviews [view details]

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"overall a very good cigar"
Got 2 in a sampler and it was a very pleasant smoke!! Hi points: Tasteful,excellent draw, even burn,lost of smoke! Down points(not really bad ones)but it burns fast,and a little too spongy or loose, that being said I will buy this cigar again!!
carlos in Dominican Republic April 22, 2013
"Its a cigar"
Not a bad cigar. Personally I thought it was a little bland but it burned perfectly even the entire way. It was a good smoke, worth a try.
Sawyer in Wisconsin January 29, 2013
"Smooth, Warm, Evening Cigar on a cool nite"
A cool spring evening, after a nice Italian Meal, time for a relaxing smoke. The Oliva Serie G Belicoso is an excellent choice. The charachter of this one was a little harsh on the first few draws, but then it developed a warm woody character that lasted throughout the smoke. Smoke it slowly and savor the creamy wood/leather aroma. It lasted down to the nub. A good glass of white wine cleanses the palate as you smoke this one and enhances the flavor. I'll be smoking more of these.
Irloyal in Denton TX April 4, 2011
"Don't waste your money"
What a waste of time. Absolutely no draw at all, Since there was no draw, the cigar kept dying out till the taste was horrible. I bought two 5 packs and threw out 6 cigars. I would not waste my time shipping this crap back to famous smoke shop. Save your money people....
Rocco DeSantis in Illinois November 16, 2010
"Terrible Draw"
OK First I didn't buy this one from Famous Smoke Shop, But heck it was still an Olivia G. Maybe I got a bad one but with that said I used one of those angle cutters that cuts a long divit in the ind of the cigar which has worked for all my other cigars but this one had a terrible draw. So bad I almost hurt my cheeks trying to suck anything out of this thing. It was like trying to suck smoke from an unlit cigar. The little I got tasted fine but it was so irritating I just gave up on it. I will never buy another one. If someone gives me another one I'll try it cause the taste for what I got seemed Ok if it was just a bad cigar then OK but Ive smoked cheaper cigars that were much easier to smoke. I tried re lighting the dang thing three times but it was lit just no draw at all. I cannot emphasis enough how hard it was to try to get anything from it. It had to be just a bad cigar or maybe needed cut again deeper into the cigar I just don't know.
Colby Curtis in Wichita Falls TX December 28, 2008
"Great flavor, solid construction, pure bliss!"
I grabbed the rest of a box of these at the local shop and sure am glad I did...what a great cigar. A little more bold than I might prefer in the morning, but it made for a great evening smoke. I look forward to trying others from the Oliva Serie G line.
Kevin in Winter Haven, FL November 27, 2008
"A Mixed Blessing"
Snagged a five pack of these a month or so ago here for cheap. I love the Serie O, so I figured why not try the Serie G, eh? These Serie G taste great - a true medium bodied flavorful smoke with a touch of sweetness but everything about this cigar is loose. I figured the first cigar of this pack was the exception, but I've since found that it held true for all five cigars in the pack -- the draw is very loose and the cigar isn't packed well and quite soft (not overly moist or too dry, just soft, like there isn't enough tobacco in the filler). The first cigar actually unraveled on me after the first inch or so. It was annoying, but I still was able to smoke it. I was more careful handling the other four Serie G cigars as I smoked them, but all were somewhat disappointing -- too bad, considering the great flavor. I know Famous here dubs the Serie O as full-flavored but having smoked more than a few of them, the Serie O is on more on the medium side then full, especially if you smoke them slowly. Bottom line = avoid the Serie G; it has too many issues. Try the Serie O -- it raises the bar on the premium medium flavored/medium strength cigar!
ROTHNH in Midcoast October 17, 2008
As a new cigar smoker, these were very enjoyable
Larry C in Ohio August 31, 2008
"Excellent flavor and strength"
A very nice smoke that burns slowly and has a strength of 6.5 on a scale of 1-10.
Jim in Mississippi August 4, 2008
even cool burn, good draw great taste
Levans in Arkansas June 18, 2008
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10 Construction (90) 100
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