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Oliva Serie G Reviews

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Oliva Serie G Tubos
"A Good Smoke"
My search for the Holy Grail is over. This medium beauty is a top contender for space in my box. ROTT this stick was delicious. 7 months later the repeat performance was absolutely duplicated. Most often second chances are not as good IMO.
Mr. Blues in Central MN January 1, 2015
Oliva Serie G Figurado
"Almost perfect!"
The perfect is the enemy of the good - Voltaire These are about as good as they get. Great balance,copious amounts of smoke and a smooth creamy taste throughout the entire hour plus smoke.
Franzie in Northeast MA October 20, 2014
Oliva Serie G Special G
"Enjoyable little smoke."
a smooth burning cigar that burned evenly through the whole length. Very firmly packed with a easy draw upon lighting. Light gray ash that stayed together to half the length. Taste was mild tobacco taste with hints of sweetness.
Mark D. in Menasha, wi. August 4, 2014
Oliva Serie G Double Robusto
"Nice smoke!"
Huge sweet spot on this one. Nice peppery taste consistent through much of the last third.
Tom in Roanoke April 23, 2014
Oliva Serie G Robusto
"Not bad"
First box pressed stick. Very nice spice. Woody taste for the first half and to me, on the 2nd half I got a coco taste to it. The first inch was something to get used to.
Jared in South Jersey February 15, 2014
Oliva Serie G Robusto
"Great Cigar"
great taste without being overwhelming. Smooth as silk
Andy P in Des Moines February 13, 2014
Oliva Serie G Robusto
Oliva's have become my favorite smokes - this one is just another great example of a fine cigar - I love the construction - taste and burn - just wish it were bigger -;-)
TAz February 12, 2014
Oliva Serie G Special G
"Not so good"
Approximately 75% of the last batch I purchased were rolled with a chimney in the center. They burned out right down the middle of the cigar and left about 60-70% of it unused. Been smoking these for quite a while - first time this has happened.
Brian in Virginia December 5, 2013
Oliva Serie G Churchill
"Best Smoke for the Money"
Are there better cigars out there? Yes, I suppose. Are there better cigars out there for the money? Absolutely not! This is the best smoke at this price range by a long shot. Excellent construction, smooth easy draw, creamy complex flavors, even burn, good to the nub. What more do you want? This is my everyday smoke.
Wamo in Richmond, VA September 13, 2013
Oliva Serie G Figurado
"Great Smoke"
This is one great stick easy on the draw and works well with Crown Royal or a Grolsch with the swing top.
Kevin Black in Augusta Ga June 23, 2013
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