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Oliva Serie G Reviews

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Oliva Serie G Torpedo
"First time"
It took me a couple tries to find that particular cigar I was looking for but this would be that one. I recommend those on the little of the spicy side of cigars, which I enjoy.
Stephen in Alabama May 11, 2013
Oliva Serie G Belicoso
"overall a very good cigar"
Got 2 in a sampler and it was a very pleasant smoke!! Hi points: Tasteful,excellent draw, even burn,lost of smoke! Down points(not really bad ones)but it burns fast,and a little too spongy or loose, that being said I will buy this cigar again!!
carlos in Dominican Republic April 22, 2013
Oliva Serie G Torpedo
"Consistent great smoke"
This stick is the same every time. Good taste,burn and draw every time, it may not be the best cigar in the humidor but it will be in the top half and you will always know what you will get when you light up.
Tim in Central Ca. April 4, 2013
Oliva Serie G Double Robusto
"This one near bottom of my list."
Easy to light, burn is near excellent however the strong metal/ copper taste is not for me.
Matt in Saugerties, NY March 30, 2013
Oliva Serie G Toro
"Why the 92 rating???"
Based on the outstanding ratings, I was REALLY looking forward to this one. Unless I got a bad one...I don't know why this one is sooo high. Although it was smooth w/ plenty of smoke, there wasn't much flavor at all. Was looking forward to it being creamy, nutty, toasty...something. Two more are resting in my humidor, maybe they'll get better.
MD in NJ February 19, 2013
Oliva Serie G Robusto
As a fan of the Serie G, and a first time buyer from Famous Smoke I was pretty excited about this purchase. Firstly, this is a very small cig -not what you'd expect for a Robusto size. In fact I called customer service to see if they sent me cigarillos-they assured me it was a robusto but did offer to take them back, which seemed like a hassle for a 5 pk. My order included other cigars of the same ring size (50) as well as smaller - all of which were bigger than this cig. Upon lighting one up, it was ok at best - not up to other Serie G's I've had. Aside from being extraordinarily small, it also turned out to be very loose. I burned through this thing in 10 min tops - really sad for a quality brand. Bottom line, save your money and buy something else. This one will disappoint you.
James in CO January 30, 2013
Oliva Serie G Belicoso
"Its a cigar"
Not a bad cigar. Personally I thought it was a little bland but it burned perfectly even the entire way. It was a good smoke, worth a try.
Sawyer in Wisconsin January 29, 2013
Oliva Serie G Special G
"Great for the price."
I was expecting a short smoke from this cigar but it lasted a lot longer than I had thought. The burn started out uneven but it evened out as I got into the "meat" of the cigar. I can describe the taste as being very mild while still maintaining a rich tobacco flavor. The ash was a dull white with a few dark spots. If I had not knocked the ash off halfway through, it probably would've been intact to the very end. I smoked the cigar to the nub without it becoming too hot. Very well constructed overall. Would buy again for casual smokes.
PDB in Pennsylvania December 28, 2012
Oliva Serie G Robusto
This is a very cool smoking experience - indeed smooth. Good draw, good smell, and tasted woody at first then half way, it tasted sweet. I would buy a box.
JDC in Los Angeles October 18, 2012
Oliva Serie G Robusto
"You will like this "square"."
Great little cigar. Not wild about the box press shape. Pretty short so not a long smoking experience but enjoyable non the less. Good flavor, medium stregth, nice aroma. Priced right.
Peter in Modesto, CA September 20, 2012
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