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Oliva Serie G Reviews

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Oliva Serie G Cigarillo (5)
"Burnt orange peel alkaloid"
Oliva Serie G's are great, yet the cigarillos are amiss. After smoking three, results are consistent. One feels an alkaloid dryness in the mouth, with a taste perhaps like burned orange peel
fx in PA, USA February 12, 2012
Oliva Serie G Double Robusto
"I must have gotten a bad one!"
This gar was bitter and had a dirty leathery taste, with hard coppery after taste, it burned uneven and felt like it was stuffed with cotton! I finished 1/3ed as I could take no more!
Leo in Staskivige November 6, 2011
Oliva Serie G Tubos
"Solid Cigar, especially for the price"
Picked it up at a local cigar store for only 5 bucks, great cigar, consistent all the way through. Deffinately worth a try.
jordan in tampa, fl November 3, 2011
Oliva Serie G Special G
They are certainly smokeable. I had a small leak in mine mid neck but it didn't bother me. The flavor is pretty dull. Just a plain tobacco. For the price and the look I decided to try it out. I won't be buying again but I don't feel like bashing my own head in either. I say pass on this one
Ian in Columbus,OH October 20, 2011
Oliva Serie G Cigarillo (5)
"Great lil smoke"
Very nice lil smoke. Great flavor and construction. Lasted almost 30 mins. Nice tight ash. Very enjoyable
Lost in NY August 18, 2011
Oliva Serie G Tubos
"My "go to" cigar."
Great cigar. Consistant, great draw, holds it's ash and has great flavor. My "go to" cigar.
Phil in Madison August 16, 2011
Oliva Serie G Churchill
"Draw is too tight"
Smoked a 5 pack and the draw was too tight on every cigar. Never drew in much smoke until the cigar was almost finished - probably why the flavor was on the light side. I won't buy the churchill again.
Chris in Oregon June 18, 2011
Oliva Serie G Robusto
"Simply Fantastic"
Had one of these the other night while mowing the lawn. It was great right from the start! Nice solid construction and great burn and draw. Smooth as any cigar I've ever had and tasted great from start to finish!
meh456 in Michigan May 21, 2011
Oliva Serie G Churchill
this cigar is simply fantastic! Phenomenal taste good construction, ez cool draw. couldnt ask for more and the price is unbeatable!
tim in atlanta April 23, 2011
Oliva Serie G Churchill
"Bad one on construction, great taste"
Based on the other reviews, I probably just got a bad one since no one else complained about construction problems. Cigar tasted awesome! And so, I was so depressed when it literally fell apart on me as I smoke it. I've never had anything like this happen to me before with any other cigar. The wrapper unwrapped from the lit end because the filler expanded out from the heat. I struggled to hold it together and smoke it because it really was one of the best tasting smokes I've ever had, but I had to give up about half way through the stick. Maybe I'll chock it up to bad luck and try another one some day.
Occasional smoker in California April 14, 2011
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