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Oliva Serie G Figurado Reviews [view details]

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"Almost perfect!"
The perfect is the enemy of the good - Voltaire These are about as good as they get. Great balance,copious amounts of smoke and a smooth creamy taste throughout the entire hour plus smoke.
Franzie in Northeast MA October 20, 2014
"Great Smoke"
This is one great stick easy on the draw and works well with Crown Royal or a Grolsch with the swing top.
Kevin Black in Augusta Ga June 23, 2013
"Hey Mikey, he likes it!"
I don't know if you can even go to wrong with the Oliva line. I haven't met one yet that I haven't liked. I won a box of the Figurado's on an auction and what a good find they were. But even at the regular FS price, they are still worth the value of these fine sticks. Some of the ones I have smoke were a little hard to start (rolled too tight at the lighting tip). But when they get going it is a pleasurable treat. Good even burn with a nice light grey ash.
Rob in Tustin Ranch, Ca May 13, 2009
"excelent smoke"
A little tricky to get the closed foot going but then a great smoke..good draw with lots of smoke..started with cocoa and coffee. midway developed caramel, spice and a hint of cinnamon..finished with pineapple, bananna, and a hint of lobster and shrimp..LOL..seriously a great smoke..
forrest in tempe, az February 3, 2009
"Another Great One From Oliva!"
Just had one of these last night. On initial inspection it has an awesome wrapper leaf with very small veins. It has a small foot for lighting which shows what kind of craftmanship went into making this cigar. The first few draws are very tight due to the small foot but on the third or fourth draw it begins to open up because the foot is getting bigger. Very pleasant smoke. It starts out as medium bodied but it tapers throughout the cigar so near the end I would say that it turned into more of a full bodied cigar. I'm going to get a lot more of these to smoke over the years!!
Scott in Wilmington, NC June 18, 2007
"Love this cigar..."
I recently discovered this cigar....tried it and loved it. It is one of my favorites...smooth draw, great taste, good burn. Not for the heavy guys who like a very bold smoke.
Charles Abbate in NY May 22, 2007
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