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Oliva Serie G Maduro Belicoso Reviews [view details]

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"Just A Cigar"
I had a great experience and what a cigar it turned out to be ROTT. A smooth smoke with a slow burn that lasted a long time. Every minute with this cigar was filled with enjoyment. I am so happy I have a box of these I could giggle.
Mr. Blues in Central, MN August 22, 2014
"Wrong size"
Ordered the 5x52 Belicoso and received 5 by what seems to be a 46 ring not a 52. I won t be buying these cigars in this size anymore. I m giving the cigars the highest rating because after all they are Olivas and I m giving them the least rating because of the wrong size description. Buy these in a larger size and you won t be disappointed unless a short smoke is what you re looking for then these are great.
Jorge in Los Angeles July 19, 2014
"My favorite everyday cigar!"
Great little stick, I've had a few of these from the local cigar shop and picked up two of these in a sampler pack. I really love the flavors in this stick, smooth maduro flavors as you would expect In a triple maduro with that comes a few downsides. While I like the flavor it doesn't change and is very constant throughout. The burn problems also almost drove me crazy, very uneven burn and it kept going out almost immediately after putting it down which lead me to drawing too quickly, overheating the cigar. Good cigar for maduro lovers but at the price you may want to just stick with a nice maduro wrapped cigar with consistent burn.
Zack H in Lawrence Ks January 20, 2014
"One of my three regulars"
Great shape, great appearance, amazing draw with steady even burn... I smoke these regularly along with Alec Bradley Black Markets and Padron 3000/6000 (so you can get a feel for my palette)... Just a great value...
David in Atlanta August 25, 2012
"What a shocker"
Holy moth balls batman was she a good one. I didn't expect anything from this gorgeous little smoke but I was blown away. Very flavorful with plenty of rich creamy smoke. Really enjoyed this puppy and have subsequently ordered a box. Recommended!
Paulo in Toronto, Canada July 23, 2012
"Good cigar but some problems"
The first box I smoked were great as are most Olivas. The next box had flavor an draw issues. I'll let them age and see what happens. Overall a good cigar.
Richard Watkins in Saint JosephMissouri May 1, 2011
"Follow up review"
So now that I have gone through a whole box, I have to say that there are some inconsistencies from cigar to cigar. Some were nice and peppery and some were just flat flavor wise. Construction was great. For the price they are still worth a try.
Mike p in Whitestone, NY September 15, 2010
"Really good, and a great value as well."
This was a really good cigar. The burn needed a couple of touch ups but wasn't too bad. Flavor started off really spicy but mellowed out a little after the first third. The finish left a nice pleasant flavor in your mouth. Nice creamy smoke. The draw was a little tough but not a workout for the cheeks. It is a well made, good looking cigar. I would recommend at least a 5 pack or a box if you have a tight budget.
Mike P in New York July 23, 2010
This is the most attractive cigar I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. Dark wrapper,nice sheen,shimmers with oil, man, its almost a shame to burn. The pre light aroma is almost too much. Rich, deep,bold almost intimidating. This stick is a reward. Huge clouds of thick smoke, coffee bean and dark chocolate dance on the palate, true Nicaraguan earthy tones linger on the tongue. Makes the everyday joe like myself feel like a bigshot. Man, if there are no Oliva "G" maduros in heaven then dammit send me straight to hell.
Gato in Luchanbach May 7, 2010
"What a pleasant surprise for less than a 5 spot!"
I enjoyed a week up at Whistler in B.C. over the kids spring break, March 2008. After hitting the slopes for 4 days straight, the legs were burning. I hit the hot tub and pulled out this Oliva series G I had brought up in my Otterbox. It was just the ticket! After a few weeks in the humi it was nice and soft to the touch. The pre draw was easy and the smoke just rolled out of the thing! It was just tasty from the get go. A bit sweeter than I expected actually. The smoke was a creamy, thick pleasure that smacked of dark chocolate. Even though I was swiggin a local microbrewed Ale along with it, I could not get enough of the taste of this cigar. This one went right down til my fingers burned. I hated to put it down. And this was the longest ash I have ever managed. Even while sitting in the tub! I finally ashed it off after over %75 smoked just to avoid the drop in the hot tub. First time I searched out a box to buy of any cigar.
J Denison in Hudson Wisconsin March 25, 2008
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