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Oliva Serie G Maduro Reviews

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Oliva Serie G Maduro Presidente 5 Pk
"Just A Real All Around Good Smoke"
One of the most consistent cigars in every standing. Not the most mildest cigar but even all the way through
Anthony G. in New York January 17, 2015
Oliva Serie G Maduro Torpedo
I am an Oliva fan. Picked up a 5 pack. In one word; bland. I expected SOME flavor from a maduro but these sticks left me flat.
Franzie in Northeast January 17, 2015
Oliva Serie G Maduro Belicoso
"Just A Cigar"
I had a great experience and what a cigar it turned out to be ROTT. A smooth smoke with a slow burn that lasted a long time. Every minute with this cigar was filled with enjoyment. I am so happy I have a box of these I could giggle.
Mr. Blues in Central, MN August 22, 2014
Oliva Serie G Maduro Belicoso
"Wrong size"
Ordered the 5x52 Belicoso and received 5 by what seems to be a 46 ring not a 52. I won t be buying these cigars in this size anymore. I m giving the cigars the highest rating because after all they are Olivas and I m giving them the least rating because of the wrong size description. Buy these in a larger size and you won t be disappointed unless a short smoke is what you re looking for then these are great.
Jorge in Los Angeles July 19, 2014
Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto
"A smoking pleasure"
A bit peppery at the start, but with a good 95 proof bourbon, the combination was fantastic. Smoked it til I couldn t hold it. Excellent all around. Slightly better than the V series.
Cal in Kentucky May 12, 2014
Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto
"Good Cigar"
Good cigar and great price for a 5 pack. Hints of espresso and hint of sweetness. Good easy smoke with no burn issues or construction issues. Worth a try
Anthony in California February 6, 2014
Oliva Serie G Maduro Special G
"Short, but really cool! :"
Too short, but full with taste ant pleasure!
Vasil in CA January 26, 2014
Oliva Serie G Maduro Belicoso
"My favorite everyday cigar!"
Great little stick, I've had a few of these from the local cigar shop and picked up two of these in a sampler pack. I really love the flavors in this stick, smooth maduro flavors as you would expect In a triple maduro with that comes a few downsides. While I like the flavor it doesn't change and is very constant throughout. The burn problems also almost drove me crazy, very uneven burn and it kept going out almost immediately after putting it down which lead me to drawing too quickly, overheating the cigar. Good cigar for maduro lovers but at the price you may want to just stick with a nice maduro wrapped cigar with consistent burn.
Zack H in Lawrence Ks January 20, 2014
Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto
"Great smoke for the bucks"
This is my new everyday for awhile -- packed with flavor compared to others at this price, great construction, burn, etc. I m a maduro guy - and this is IT.
Tim in San Clemente, CA November 22, 2013
Oliva Serie G Maduro Perfecto
"Perfect for Someone Looking for More Flavor"
I got this in a Oliva sampler and just enjoyed every puff. I consider myself a newbie but have tried about 40-50 different cigars and this one hit the spot. It doesn't pack a punch like a full body cigar will do, but this one out did even my Rocky Patel - 1990 Vintage. It's worth a try.
Jesse in San Francisco August 31, 2013
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