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Oliva Serie G Maduro Reviews

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Oliva Serie G Maduro Presidente
"Good Cigaro cigaro cigaro"
Good cigar, gets a little heavy at the end but if you're into long burning smokes with a bit of a punch, this is it.
Doug in St Cloud MN June 28, 2013
Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto
One of the best Oliva cigars I have smoked . Great flavor and perfect burn. Would buy again and again.
Larry M in fremont ne. June 4, 2013
Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto
"Very good value"
This short robusto is a good, quick smoke. The wrapper was a beautiful dark brown with very few flaws. The aroma was great. The construction was perfect with a perfect burn and draw. Excellent!
Drudog21 in VA February 12, 2013
Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto
loved it! one of my daily smokes. who ever dont like these are not cigar smokers!
coz in seattle January 25, 2013
Oliva Serie G Maduro Belicoso 5 Pack
bought these more than a year ago and have had them in the humi every since. I smoked one a week ago and was amazed and how much i enjoyed it. not tons of smoke but enough to make it a pleasant experience. not burn issues and the draw loosened up after the first quarter. would recommend to a friend.
Andy in Harlingen TX September 3, 2012
Oliva Serie G Maduro Belicoso
"One of my three regulars"
Great shape, great appearance, amazing draw with steady even burn... I smoke these regularly along with Alec Bradley Black Markets and Padron 3000/6000 (so you can get a feel for my palette)... Just a great value...
David in Atlanta August 25, 2012
Oliva Serie G Maduro Belicoso
"What a shocker"
Holy moth balls batman was she a good one. I didn't expect anything from this gorgeous little smoke but I was blown away. Very flavorful with plenty of rich creamy smoke. Really enjoyed this puppy and have subsequently ordered a box. Recommended!
Paulo in Toronto, Canada July 23, 2012
Oliva Serie G Maduro Churchill
"Ok but prefer the O series"
These are ok but I prefer something a bit stronger like the O series. Bought a box and a few had some burn issues but overall a decent medium/mild maduro.
Jason in SC May 28, 2012
Oliva Serie G Maduro Perfecto
"Exploding cigars"
Tried a box of 20 and while they get quite tasty about half way through, most of them were exploding or badly split long before you get that far. I won't buy them again.
Mike C in Auburn April 8, 2012
Oliva Serie G Maduro Torpedo
"Very nice"
Paired this cigar with a rather hefty dram of Talisker 10yr and a cookie of my own making. Its rather nice. I was kinda worried about the burn with it being square pressed but pleasantly surprised with the evenness. nice earthy tobacco. Bright white ash. Seems to break off in quarters. I would definitely recommend smoking this with a dram of scotch. Really seems to bring out sweetness in the drink and vice versa.
Ian in Columbus,Ohio April 4, 2012
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