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Oliva Serie G Maduro Reviews

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Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto
"Not bad, but not good"
Bought the Old Money Smoker Pack, Received 2 of these. First one a friend smoked, said it was too strong for him. I light up mine was burning Great for about the first inch, but then only half was burning, turned the cigar to see if it would self-correct and didn't. After 2 more inches of half burn I cut it off and started over for the last 2 inches. after a 1/2 inch started to only burn half again, just finished it out that way. I wasted 1/2 a cigar from uneven burn. Was a great tasting cigar, just had a burn problem.
Jake in Green Bay February 7, 2011
Oliva Serie G Maduro Torpedo
never had a bad oliva cigar try to keep 300 to 400 cigars all the time
john reeder in bixby ok January 20, 2011
Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto
"Near perfect"
This is my first Oliva and I have to say, this is the taste from a cigar I have been looking for these past six months. Based on the small size, I thought this was going to be about a 40 minute smoke, but it turned out to be a full 60. I have tried many cigars at twice this price, but none have had the great flavor of this one. Medium-full, smooth, lots of great smoke, even burn, nice ash, absolutely perfect draw. Very fine cigar and now one of my top three favorites.
Jackson in California January 9, 2011
Oliva Serie G Maduro Torpedo
"Nice flavor, minor construction issues"
First time trying the Olive G series, picked up a 5-pack from the monster and smoked the first one after letting them rest in the humi for a week. Wrapper was a bit veiny, had a split below the band, and some looseness at the seams. Draw was nice but didn't yield much smoke at first, and it dropped ash in less than an inch, resuling from a slightly loose roll. That improved after the first inch and it held an even burn throughout. Medium bodied, flavor is earthy with a finish that was spicy at first with somewhat of a dry grass element. In the second 1/3 it developed a creamy quality and some coffee goodness. I enjoyed the flavor enough to nub this one. The rest of the 5-pack doesn't appear to have the aforemention construction problems so hopefully this first one was an aberration in that regard. I look forward to sampling more of the Oliva line in the near future.
Scott in Falls Church, VA October 27, 2010
Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto
"Not for mild cigar smokers"
This cigar was way too strong and bitter for me.
Bob B in New York October 18, 2010
Oliva Serie G Maduro Belicoso
"Follow up review"
So now that I have gone through a whole box, I have to say that there are some inconsistencies from cigar to cigar. Some were nice and peppery and some were just flat flavor wise. Construction was great. For the price they are still worth a try.
Mike p in Whitestone, NY September 15, 2010
Oliva Serie G Maduro Special G
"Great Quick Smoke"
I am a novice cigar lover and recently purchased a 5 pack after reading an article on Cigar Advisor. When they arrived I realized they were quite a bit smaller than I expected. After a week or so in the humi I smoked the first one and was very satisfied. It had great construction, a great draw and great taste. Great choice for someone who enjoys maduros and the size is perfect for a quick smoke. Keep a few of these around and you won?t be sorry!
Ross M in North Coast, CA August 31, 2010
Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto
Love these lil babies! Great for a nice quick smoke- Nice flavor, great burn, smooth draw.... What else can I say, I'm a fan!
Aaron in Little Neck, NY August 15, 2010
Oliva Serie G Maduro Perfecto
"Do not buy"
the worst cigar i've ever had, it is not worth carrying the Oliva name. If you are looking for a full bodied cigar you'd better try oliva serie V or Master blend but certainly not this one.
Dany August 4, 2010
Oliva Serie G Maduro Belicoso
"Really good, and a great value as well."
This was a really good cigar. The burn needed a couple of touch ups but wasn't too bad. Flavor started off really spicy but mellowed out a little after the first third. The finish left a nice pleasant flavor in your mouth. Nice creamy smoke. The draw was a little tough but not a workout for the cheeks. It is a well made, good looking cigar. I would recommend at least a 5 pack or a box if you have a tight budget.
Mike P in New York July 23, 2010
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