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Oliva Serie G Maduro Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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I am an Oliva fan. Picked up a 5 pack. In one word; bland. I expected SOME flavor from a maduro but these sticks left me flat.
Franzie in Northeast January 17, 2015
"Very nice"
Paired this cigar with a rather hefty dram of Talisker 10yr and a cookie of my own making. Its rather nice. I was kinda worried about the burn with it being square pressed but pleasantly surprised with the evenness. nice earthy tobacco. Bright white ash. Seems to break off in quarters. I would definitely recommend smoking this with a dram of scotch. Really seems to bring out sweetness in the drink and vice versa.
Ian in Columbus,Ohio April 4, 2012
"A must try!!!"
My absolute favorite maduro, consistency is spot on, flavors are delicious, burn is razor sharp. better than cigars twice the price without a doubt... if youre thinking about getting some, do it!!!!!
Jeff in September 8, 2011
"Nice flavor, minor construction issues"
First time trying the Olive G series, picked up a 5-pack from the monster and smoked the first one after letting them rest in the humi for a week. Wrapper was a bit veiny, had a split below the band, and some looseness at the seams. Draw was nice but didn't yield much smoke at first, and it dropped ash in less than an inch, resuling from a slightly loose roll. That improved after the first inch and it held an even burn throughout. Medium bodied, flavor is earthy with a finish that was spicy at first with somewhat of a dry grass element. In the second 1/3 it developed a creamy quality and some coffee goodness. I enjoyed the flavor enough to nub this one. The rest of the 5-pack doesn't appear to have the aforemention construction problems so hopefully this first one was an aberration in that regard. I look forward to sampling more of the Oliva line in the near future.
Scott in Falls Church, VA October 27, 2010
"I would smoke this one again!"
First time smoking the Oliva Serie G Maduro Torpedo. I being a newbie tend to stick with the more mild cigars but was interested in stepping up to the medium bodied cigars. At first, this cigar wasn't anything to write home about. As I got about 1/3 through this cigar almost changed character completely. It was a rich smoke with strong earthy flavor. The more I puffed, the better it got. I would recommend trying this cigar.
Mike N in CT June 17, 2010
"Great Every Day Smoke!!"
Bought a box and have smoked a few. Have not smoked one I didn't like. First one out of the box was tasty and the longer they sit in the humidor, the better they taste. The flavor is creamy with hints of cocoa and coffee. A great every day smoke!
Jonathan in Oklahoma City October 27, 2009
very good flavor.
peter b in NC October 7, 2009
"Favorite cigar along with Oliva O series"
Smoked many top brands over the last 6 months trying to find that perfect cigar..Found 2..Oliva O and Oliva G maduro..both with great flavor, smell, draw, smoke volume, burn, PRICE..cigars that i want to smoke to the nub everytime i light one..The O is a little spicier and the G slightly less spicey but smoother..who could ask for more..
Forrest in Tempe, AZ May 1, 2009
"Classic "Nic"."
The Padron might be the king of the Nic heap, but these "G's" are about as good as it gets. (and Less expensive) Recomended.
Tony "Bones" Meriam in South Dakota February 8, 2008
"Love Them"
I have tried most of the sizes in the Serie G barn and I love everyone of them. This one is no exception. Because of the size difference between this one and the Belicoso it is a cooler smoke and it really adds to the flavor. If you don't have as much time then smoke the Belicoso but if you have some time to kill then light one of these up and enjoy. You won't be disappointed.
Scott in Wilmington, NC June 14, 2007
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