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Oliva Serie G Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Not bad"
First box pressed stick. Very nice spice. Woody taste for the first half and to me, on the 2nd half I got a coco taste to it. The first inch was something to get used to.
Jared in South Jersey February 15, 2014
"Great Cigar"
great taste without being overwhelming. Smooth as silk
Andy P in Des Moines February 13, 2014
Oliva's have become my favorite smokes - this one is just another great example of a fine cigar - I love the construction - taste and burn - just wish it were bigger -;-)
TAz in February 12, 2014
As a fan of the Serie G, and a first time buyer from Famous Smoke I was pretty excited about this purchase. Firstly, this is a very small cig -not what you'd expect for a Robusto size. In fact I called customer service to see if they sent me cigarillos-they assured me it was a robusto but did offer to take them back, which seemed like a hassle for a 5 pk. My order included other cigars of the same ring size (50) as well as smaller - all of which were bigger than this cig. Upon lighting one up, it was ok at best - not up to other Serie G's I've had. Aside from being extraordinarily small, it also turned out to be very loose. I burned through this thing in 10 min tops - really sad for a quality brand. Bottom line, save your money and buy something else. This one will disappoint you.
James in CO January 30, 2013
This is a very cool smoking experience - indeed smooth. Good draw, good smell, and tasted woody at first then half way, it tasted sweet. I would buy a box.
JDC in Los Angeles October 18, 2012
"You will like this "square"."
Great little cigar. Not wild about the box press shape. Pretty short so not a long smoking experience but enjoyable non the less. Good flavor, medium stregth, nice aroma. Priced right.
Peter in Modesto, CA September 20, 2012
"Simply Fantastic"
Had one of these the other night while mowing the lawn. It was great right from the start! Nice solid construction and great burn and draw. Smooth as any cigar I've ever had and tasted great from start to finish!
meh456 in Michigan May 21, 2011
"excellent value"
If you love Cameroon wrapper this one is for you. Mellow smoke with med all around taste and smoke. Some coffee,dark chocolate and toasty nuts flavor. for a forty five minute smoke to a hour no bad. If you want more and little more complex go for the Churchill and you won't be disappointed. Excellent value for the money.
Good short smoke in Miami,Fl March 12, 2011
Excellent in all qualities, burn was perfect, consistant to the last draw, flavourful and smooth as silk..only complaint is that it was a wee bit small, wish it had lasted for longer. Definitly would buy this cigar again.
T.e.Cs in Toledo, Ohio October 9, 2010
"Smooth As Silk!!!"
WOW! This is an amazing smoke! I feel pretty sure about my palate, and it had great flavor. I'm more of a bold flavor guy, and I love getting pepper and coffee in my cigars. This little guy came to me in the Oliva 10 sampler and was the first one I smoked. I would honestly have to rate it RIGHT next to the Padron Anniversary 1964 naturals. Same mildness and similar flavor, creamy almost with some nutty backrounds. Smoked this one down to nothing, and didn't want it to end. While everyone has there own palate, I'm sure this will be a hit with almost anyone that smokes it. I'm definately going to pick up a box, as soon as I have room in my humidor.
Kyle M. in Morgan Hill, California June 6, 2010
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