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Oliva Serie G Special G Reviews [view details]

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"Enjoyable little smoke."
a smooth burning cigar that burned evenly through the whole length. Very firmly packed with a easy draw upon lighting. Light gray ash that stayed together to half the length. Taste was mild tobacco taste with hints of sweetness.
Mark D. in Menasha, wi. August 4, 2014
"Not so good"
Approximately 75% of the last batch I purchased were rolled with a chimney in the center. They burned out right down the middle of the cigar and left about 60-70% of it unused. Been smoking these for quite a while - first time this has happened.
Brian in Virginia December 5, 2013
"Great for the price."
I was expecting a short smoke from this cigar but it lasted a lot longer than I had thought. The burn started out uneven but it evened out as I got into the "meat" of the cigar. I can describe the taste as being very mild while still maintaining a rich tobacco flavor. The ash was a dull white with a few dark spots. If I had not knocked the ash off halfway through, it probably would've been intact to the very end. I smoked the cigar to the nub without it becoming too hot. Very well constructed overall. Would buy again for casual smokes.
PDB in Pennsylvania December 28, 2012
They are certainly smokeable. I had a small leak in mine mid neck but it didn't bother me. The flavor is pretty dull. Just a plain tobacco. For the price and the look I decided to try it out. I won't be buying again but I don't feel like bashing my own head in either. I say pass on this one
Ian in Columbus,OH October 20, 2011
"Save your $$"
OK, so they really aren't that expensive, but I expected much better from Oliva. I smoke predominately Villazon cigars, Topper and a Texas made stogie, Travis Club Senators. I had heard soooo many people brag about Oliva that I had to try one today. Tried five, as a matter of fact. I got the Special G, I really like the look of this cigar and had high hopes. I *will* say they were consistent...consistently bad. Hot, lack luster flavor and they all had wrapper tears that someone, I suppose the roller, had covered over with a patch of tobacco. I'll stick with Villazon handmades and my fave machine smokes. BTW, never have had a Cain, Rocky Patel, Tatuaje or any of those other newfangled brands and I will tell ya, no matter how much folks brag on 'em, I never will. Stick with the tried and true, I say.
Kevin in Texas February 18, 2010
"Not much to get excited about"
Being new to premium cigars, Perhaps my review does not mean much. But my impressions were that the cigar had an easy draw, but was lacking in a decent flavor. To me the Series G tasted like dirt and cardboard. I have had better Phillies.
Dan in Geneva, Ohio March 8, 2009
"Great short smoke with coffee or tea"
Not the greatest Rothschild I've ever had, but it's got good consistency and a good mild flavor with a hint of sweetness and spice. Given the phenomenal price, this is one you can buy a box of for everyday smoking, perhaps with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning or early afternoon. I thought the slight spice flavor was almost cinnamon in nature. Very unique flavor that is above average.
Robert in Mesa, AZ January 6, 2009
"Small but mighty"
Tried one of these last night. For a little fella it sure lasted longer than I thought it would and had a great taste. Smoked down to the nub and must say, I was impressed with the cigar.
Milkco in Cincinnati January 19, 2008
"its not great. its not bad. but it is a good price"
decent. great shape. slow burn for the size. the other reviewer is correct, though, as the flavor is one dimensional. not bad given the price.
Ludakris in illinois January 25, 2007
"Average Smoke"
Fairly stout smoke. Liked the size and shape, quality was there for burn, draw etc, but flavor was mono from start to finish. Much better smokes out there for the price. Ditto for the maddies!
Willie in New Mexico December 20, 2006
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