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Oliva Serie O Reviews

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Oliva Serie O Perfecto
"A good cigar is a Smoke!"
It's a Perfecto. It starts mild, builds character and smoke then gets hot and oily at the end. That's what Perfectos do. No problems with the ash. It was clean and tight and even. Excellent smoke all around. Finishes with a heady Nicotine rush if you smoke it down too far.
Mark in Motor City December 7, 2011
Oliva Serie O Robusto
"Get it"
I punch cut this cigar, and I must say that I have not had a cigar with such great construction! The wrapper was perfectly oily. The draw was flawless. The taste? The taste was so-so, I think it's a great go-to cigar though, just look at the price!
Johnn in Chicago, IL October 29, 2011
Oliva Serie O Corona
"OK...but far from great"
This cigar was a non-event. Not much flavor, but not anything to write home about. Try the nub connecticut if you like more flavor impact. I was expecting a lot more out of this one. It had a wavy burn and a tight draw, too.
Bandy in Midwest October 20, 2011
Oliva Serie O #4
I don't like this one. The finish is horrid. Its almost a cross between some sort of cleaner and cigarette smoke. The draw is kinda tight. The cap started to break on me when I used my punch. Luckily it didn't crack all the way up. Pass this one up its not worth your money
Ian in columbus October 15, 2011
Oliva Serie O Perfecto
"Perfect Cigar"
This cigar is absolutely perfect (pun intended). Oliva makes some wonderful cigars and this is definitely one of the best. Love it!
Ben in Lancaster, PA August 30, 2011
Oliva Serie O Torpedo
"Great draw and burn. Good "Mild" cigar!"
Good cigar. Great draw and burn. Good price for the value. This is a cigar for the "Mild" cigar smoker.
John Mardesich in St. George, UT July 26, 2011
Oliva Serie O Robusto
"Oliva Does not Disappoint"
This is a top quality cigar with good construction, burn, and draw. The taste is pure Oliva, multiple layers of flavor dance on the tongue. The maduro wrapper provides a hint of cocoa, with any hint of bitterness mellowed by the fermentation and aging. The 5-pack price is quite reasonable too.
Craig in Michigan June 23, 2011
Oliva Serie O Robusto
"Changed My Mind - a great cigar at a great price"
I too had a bad experience with my first robusto. Literally fell apart after 1/2 inch of smoke. I put the rest of the 5 pack in the bottom of the hunidor and forgot about them until I was rotating everything. Picked a robusto, fired it up and I was wowed. Perfect construction, good draw, good but slightly uneven burn. The flavor and aroma are top notch. While not the best I have smoked, it is very nearly the best $5 stick I have smoked. There will definitely be some in my box.
Don in Dallas June 13, 2011
Oliva Serie O Petit Perfecto 5 Pack
"Save your money"
Tasteless and burns to hot. This cigar is way to small.
ropadope in upstate NY June 2, 2011
Oliva Serie O Petit Perfecto
"The draw is very inconsistent with each cigar."
Each cigar is unique in that some of the cigars draw okay but the others are just plain hard.
Joe Garcia in So Cal February 23, 2011
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