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Oliva Serie O Reviews

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Oliva Serie O Robusto
"Great Bang For the Buck"
The Oliva Series O is a great smoke. I've never had problems like people are saying. For 3 bucks a smoke you cannot find a better value out there. I love these things! Is it a Padron no...but it's far from a cheap no name made in the back alley smoke either.
Chuck in Baltimore January 29, 2011
Oliva Serie O Cigarillo (5)
"Mouth full of Short Filler"
Great flavor, but this is a short filler cigar.
Timmay in The Most Dangerous City US December 17, 2010
Oliva Serie O Cigarillo (5)
"Great small cigar with full taste"
Smoked it many times. Great cigar
Tom Ruffolo in California October 3, 2010
Oliva Serie O Robusto
"Very good Cigar for the Money"
Very surprising to see all the negative reviews for this very good puro. I have been smoking these for quite sometime and have never had a bad experience . Consistency is the name of the game with these guys, whether you go with the V the G or the O series. Also the price is right for these as they will not break the bank for a real good enjoyable smoke.
Gary in Arlington Texas October 1, 2010
Oliva Serie O Toro Tubos
"excellent cigars"
Excellent cigar. Bought at my local smoke shop`, share with wife over a friend pool party, Best full cigars ever had. Actually is more a medium cigar. It is not complex at all, but it taste great. My favorite so far. Also at least an hour forty five smoke. With Olivas you will never go wrong.
orlando in Miami September 19, 2010
Oliva Serie O Toro
"great cigar when it draws well."
I have been smoking this cigar for some time and have always been very pleased with it uintil the latest box arrived. About 1/3 of them had such a hard draw that they were unsmokable.
charley in santa barbara, ca August 21, 2010
Oliva Serie O Robusto
"Ok as a sampler"
This cigar looks great and was looking forward to the flavors.It burned slow ,the draw was OK not the greatest and the wrapper started coming apart towards teh end last 1/3 seems right.Would use caution buying 20 or more.Worth the try
Lark in Dundee,Il August 11, 2010
Oliva Serie O Perfecto
"Just kind of average all around."
This cigar was just kind average all around. It was decently constructed. It didn't burn totally unevenly, but it wasn't a perfect burn like a Padron. The best part I would say was the tight draw. I am not a fan of loose drawing cigars. I like to have to pull on a cigar. The smoke was a medium bodied smoke. As far as flavor is concerned it didn't hit me hard nor did it have much of a finish. And the flavor was pretty consistant throughout the smoke. I got a little nuttiness and some wood but it was gone as quickly as it came. I was kind of bored between puffs not having anything to analyze. I tend to like heavily flavored cigars with thick smoke, so I would probably not smoke it again. If you like tame smokes it might be for you.
Mike in New York July 18, 2010
Oliva Serie O Robusto
"first time"
This was the first time I can remember smoking an Oliva I got it i a sampler and I did not have any of these problems of falling apart or the like. I did not think it was the greatest nor was it worth the price Oliva like to charge but it wasn't the worst cigar in the world. I would not buy them again but I would like to try some others by Oliva.
Lee in Philadelphia June 19, 2010
Oliva Serie O Robusto
"Disintegrated after ten minutes"
My experience with this cigar mirrors that of the reviewer whose stick fell apart. I bought two of them, and they both split and disintegrated less than 1/3 into the smoke. Easily the most poorly constructed cigar I've ever smoked - the fact that it happened with two different samples shows me it was no accident. Very surprised, since Oliva's other lines are incredibly well-made.
Mark in USA May 26, 2010
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