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Oliva Serie O Double Toro Reviews [view details]

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Nice and tasty with a great draw, but I had the same problem with the rapper. I thought it was just the cigar shop I got them from, but the previous review makes me think twice. Although, I wouldn't rule out the cigar shop not taking care of there cigars.
Matt in Colorado April 8, 2009
They ran out of the 6x60 V series so I thought I would give these a try. So far one of them was cracked in half in the box , one of the wrappers cracked off half way during the second smoke and i see the wrapper of another one with a crack in it . I dont think these are any good ..I will wait for the V series 6x60 to come back ..
Sil in New York May 6, 2008
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10 Draw (94) 100
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10 Appearance (96) 100
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10 Taste (94) 100
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10 Construction (85) 100
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