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Oliva Serie O Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"first time"
This was the first time I can remember smoking an Oliva I got it i a sampler and I did not have any of these problems of falling apart or the like. I did not think it was the greatest nor was it worth the price Oliva like to charge but it wasn't the worst cigar in the world. I would not buy them again but I would like to try some others by Oliva.
Lee in Philadelphia June 19, 2010
"Disintegrated after ten minutes"
My experience with this cigar mirrors that of the reviewer whose stick fell apart. I bought two of them, and they both split and disintegrated less than 1/3 into the smoke. Easily the most poorly constructed cigar I've ever smoked - the fact that it happened with two different samples shows me it was no accident. Very surprised, since Oliva's other lines are incredibly well-made.
Mark in USA May 26, 2010
Nothing special. Uneven burn, poor ash.
Craig in RI April 13, 2010
"Not that great-a disappointment."
The burn was moderately uneven. The draw was good. The appearance was average. The taste was a disappointment-this was not a full flavored cigar. It tasted pretty bland. The wrapper became unraveled during the last 1/3 of the cigar. I was expecting a lot more from this Oliva Serie O.
RD in Atlanta January 23, 2010
"Amazing, considering the price!"
No...this is not the best cigar I have ever had, but for the price, I have no complaints! The flavors are excellent...hence of Cedar, spice, and not too sweet of a finish. Construction is fair. Draw and burn are good, and I believe with a little aging they will be better. It definitely has a spot in my rotation.
Robert in Chicago, IL January 6, 2010
Highly enjoyable flavors, a well crafted cigar with quality draw and burn the way a cigar should smoke. I have found that Oliva is a company that is trustworthy when it comes to their cigars and the quality of them. I put them in the same category as Perdomo and Rocky Patel for quality and taste in a cigar.
Ron in Northern Michigan December 30, 2009
"Glad I only paid $2 a stick"
I smoked the first O immediately after recieving them from famous. It was okay. The construction wasn't the greatest, the wrap frays during cutting. The draw was a bit tight and the burn was uneven. Taste was mediocre but not harsh. I was able to finish it. I just smoked the second an hour ago. It was so bad I felt it was my responsibility to warn everyone. After 3 weeks in the box, the draw and burn improved drastically, but the taste went to hell in a handbasket. I tossed it not even a quarter of the way through. It might have improved, but I wasn't about to stick around torturing myself in the meantime. On the bright side, they look nice!
Colby H in Upstate NY December 4, 2009
"Smooth and Delicious"
Just love this baby...Smooth and flavorfull from start to finish. Not one bad thing to say about it-nice price, great cigar. Highly recomended. Cant go wrong if you like full body but smooth and tasty!
Jon in New Jersey October 3, 2007
"New Favorite"
Very impressive for the price, great contruction, flavor, clouds of thick, rich smoke, unbelievably thick. Draw slightly loose for my tastes, but worked on this one.
Nathaniel Richards in WA April 26, 2007
Had a box and smoked it in a month with a couple of friends. The longest ashes I've ever seen on a cigar. A little close to two inches. Maybe the box was too fresh. But what a great full bodied smoke. The burn was even all the way to the end. Great wrap on this cigar. Beautiful. It looks almost too perfect. And easy on the after taste. Loved them and will continue to buy them.
PAR in MIAMI March 18, 2007
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10 Construction (83) 100
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