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Oliva Serie O Robusto Reviews [view details]

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Would take it if it was offered to me but will not choose it on my own. The flavor wasn't there for me but everyone's taste is different. Had a great appearance and the draw was OK but had a little trouble with the burn. It may pair better with a dry white wine.
Roscoe 767 in Foothills NC February 12, 2015
"Pretty Decent, Def not great"
Based upon the reviews I would say most are pretty accurate. The draw was not what I was hoping for and was tough at times. Flavor was pretty bland. The wrapper came undone when halfway through. The cigar did not draw well and could not maintain a good even burn and ash. I did not need to relight which was the one positive. I did not have to pop a blood vessel to draw on it either. Not bad, but not very good for Oliva.
Mark in Maryland March 25, 2013
"not what I was hoping for"
Was looking forward to this and was unfortunately was dissapointed. Smoked this with a stone ipa. Had to work to hard to make this a decent smoke. 1 more in the humidor we will see if its any better in a month or two.
johnd451 in socsl February 2, 2013
"Very nice surprise!!"
So I got this smoke at the Big Smoke in Vegas. It's been in my humi for a month and when I lit t up today I was impressed. Well balanced and medium bodied with hints of sweet coffee. Very smooth with a really nice wrapper. Awesome deal at this price!
Paulo in Toronto December 15, 2012
"Was expecting much better"
Got this as part of a sampler, from the other reviews I was looking forward to it. Looked good and started off pretty decent, but that's where it ended. Very uneven burn from this one. Felt like I was going to get a headache from how hard I had to draw on it. About halfway through, the wrapper split and slowly came undone. Pretty bland flavors. Went out about 3/4 of the way through and had to relight. Very bad tunneling during the second half. Surprised by this, as I am a big Olivia fan and some of their other stuff is at the top of my list. Guess that's the point of samplers though.
Justin in Florida November 6, 2012
"Always delivers bang for the buck"
The Oliva Serie O is a very nice smoke for the price. I have a box in my collection and it's my go-to cigar for newbies ... whether it's these guys (Serie O) or a Serie V or a Connecticut Reserve ... it's a fine smoke at a nice price. If you never have, sample a few Olivas, find a favorite and put a nice-priced box in your collection.
brobes in Agoura Hills, CA September 30, 2012
"Get it"
I punch cut this cigar, and I must say that I have not had a cigar with such great construction! The wrapper was perfectly oily. The draw was flawless. The taste? The taste was so-so, I think it's a great go-to cigar though, just look at the price!
Johnn in Chicago, IL October 29, 2011
"Oliva Does not Disappoint"
This is a top quality cigar with good construction, burn, and draw. The taste is pure Oliva, multiple layers of flavor dance on the tongue. The maduro wrapper provides a hint of cocoa, with any hint of bitterness mellowed by the fermentation and aging. The 5-pack price is quite reasonable too.
Craig in Michigan June 23, 2011
"Great Bang For the Buck"
The Oliva Series O is a great smoke. I've never had problems like people are saying. For 3 bucks a smoke you cannot find a better value out there. I love these things! Is it a Padron no...but it's far from a cheap no name made in the back alley smoke either.
Chuck in Baltimore January 29, 2011
"Very good Cigar for the Money"
Very surprising to see all the negative reviews for this very good puro. I have been smoking these for quite sometime and have never had a bad experience . Consistency is the name of the game with these guys, whether you go with the V the G or the O series. Also the price is right for these as they will not break the bank for a real good enjoyable smoke.
Gary in Arlington Texas October 1, 2010
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10 Taste (82) 100
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10 Construction (83) 100
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