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Oliva Serie V Belicoso Reviews [view details]

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"Great Taste, But Not So Great Draw"
Good cigar, great flavor but the draw leaves something to be desired.
JBRU in January 8, 2015
for me this is just a flawless cigar it has everything you want in a quality smoke flavor,construction,burn,draw,quality,and price.it has everything and more from cigars three times the price it just honestly does not get much better than this A+ OLIVA
Lendsey in TEXAS May 8, 2014
"A Keeper"
This is right up there with my all time favorite smokes. Excellent burn, consistency, construction and taste. Full bodied yet refined. Don t wait.
Public Takeover in New York City April 29, 2014
"Extremely Tasty!!"
Ya know what? I was never an Oliva fan. Had tried a few, even the much heralded Oliva "G"...they all left me wanting more and disappointed. A few days ago, I had a little extra time on my lunch hour and was near my favorite tabacconist. I stopped in and shopped around for a yummy to enjoy off/on during my day. The guy who works there strongly suggested the Oliva V...I resisted, telling him I've tried em all and came away disappointed every time. He said, "You havent tried the "V". So, I said, what the heck..I'll give it a shot. Lemme tell ya...I'm very glad I did!! This smoke is very rich in flavor..has a great punch of pepper/spice in the first third, which mellows out toward the middle. This is where the cigar really grabbed me and wouldn't let go! Along with the subtle spice came a chocolatey goodness combined with sweet coffee or caramel flavors. Sooo good! The finish is exquisite w/ smoky tobacco flavors and sweet cedar. Just what I like! Needless, to say I absolutely am glad I stopped in to that cigar shop that day, because the Oliva "V" is now one of my top five, if not top 3 cigars in my humidor. Try one...you will not regret it!!
ScottyBoy in Wapakoneta October 21, 2012
"Slow burning Ligero..."
This hour and a half smoke is a thing of beauty, but does have some issues. The appearance, taste, and construction are near flawless. The cigars were a little wet and needed some drying out but once they did they smoked almost perfectly. At times the burn was a little uneven and often needed correcting but is a small price for a such an exceptional cigar and value. Get these!
JD in Palmdale, Ca July 17, 2012
"Treat yourself"
It is as good as all the hype. Very beautiful looking cigar. The prelit smell was good but the smoke it produced after lighting was excellent a nice slightly sweet aroma. Taste, draw, burn, construction, all were great. Never disappointing.
Brandon in Kalamazoo October 21, 2011
"Best Cigar Ever"
I have been smoking for over 20 years, and must say I have never had a better cigar. The construction is perfect, the burn is a little uneven at times, but corrects itself, and the flavor is unparalleled. I love all the Oliva cigars, especially the Serie V, and this is my favorite of them all. If you are looking for a great smoke, buy this cigar!!!
iLarry in Indianapolis, IN October 13, 2010
"My Favorite"
What an awesome cigar! This is hands down, the best, most enjoyable cigar that I have ever had. The taste, draw, and burn are consistently good. It has a nice full flavor without being overpowering and is really nice for a quick cigar. My only wish is that I could find a cigar of this caliber in a larger size. If you have not tried this cigar, do yourself a favor and pick one up. It will not disappoint.
Scott in Los Angeles September 24, 2010
"Great Flavor!"
What a great tasting smoke! I bought from my local tobacconist and enjoyed this smoke a lot. Would definitely buy more again.
Chief in MI August 1, 2010
"Good daily smoke"
I'd say for the price it would make a good daily smoke. Nice construction. I'd would warn a novice to really pay attention to where they cut it. As you can see the wrapper crosses over the piece they use to start the cap and then the cap crosses back over it to complete the cigar. Definitely a tough draw. I like tough draws too. Flavor wise you get a little pepper and some leather. Smooth finish, it doesn't leave anything bad in your mouth. Smoke is medium-full. Burns fairly evenly. I enjoyed it.
Mike in New York July 20, 2010
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10 Burn (94) 100
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10 Consistency (96) 100
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10 Draw (96) 100
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10 Appearance (97) 100
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10 Taste (97) 100
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10 Construction (97) 100
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