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Oliva Serie V Churchill Extra Reviews [view details]

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Perfect draw, taste, smoke and burn. My favorite cigar in the humidor.
Scott in Michigan August 13, 2012
"Tasty smoke, especially with a good port."
With a good port, this cigar is unbelievably good. Let it sit in your humidor for a week or two, get a good bottle or port, and you won't regret spending your money on these. I've tried almost all of the Oliva cigars, and this definitely hits the spot.
Russ in Manhattan, KS July 17, 2012
"A great smoke. My favorite cigar. Why pay more."
A great smoke. My favorite cigar. Why pay more. I prefer this over the Cohiba XV because I can smoke 3 for the price of 2.
Mack in Selma, Al. June 2, 2010
"wonderfull and tasty"
You really could not tell ti is a full strength cigar. it is grown and blended to perfection that is draws smooth and smokes cool while maintaining consistency. You'll try one and wish you had ordered a box or two.
K Doty in Tulsa Oklahoma March 27, 2009
"An after dinner cigar"
Beautiful cigar with a very smooth and even burn. About 75% is outstanding, the remaining 25% can be a little harsh. I like the 6X60 the best, but this is really very good.
Geoff in Raleigh January 17, 2009
"The best"
Perfect draw and awesome taste....the burn was spot on and it looked like a great cigar too....there is a reason it was rated number 4 of the year in aficionado!
Steve in Michigan November 25, 2008
"Olivia serie-v churchill"
A coffee chocolate tasting powerhouse, if your into smoking preminum cigars, and dont smoke the olivia serie-v churchill, shame on you!
Marcus in Louisiana July 17, 2008
Avoid. Stay away. Not good. Losers. Send all remaining boxes to me...and I will have them destroyed. Really, make me smoke them (please)...I'll sacrifice myself.
ROBERT in Birmingham, AL May 10, 2008
Bought 1, had it that evening. Next day, bought a whole box (churchills). Outstanding. So far I've had the churchill, robusto, lancero, torpedo, and figurado. All terrific smokes. Perhaps the best flavor I've experienced from a cigar.
Alex in USA April 24, 2008
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10 Construction (97) 100
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