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Oliva Serie V Double Robusto Reviews [view details]

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I was expecting a lot from this cigar after I read all the rave reviews. This cigar was really really harsh and lacks any flavor. I smoked 3/5 of it, as I kept puffing and puffing, waiting for it come alive, but it never did. I had to toss the damn thing. Never have I been so dissapointed. 2 hrs later, I could still taste the harshness in my mouth. Maybe it was just my memory playing tricks on me. I will stick to my Cubans, Arturos, and Padron. The only good thing I would say about the cigar, is the wrapper and caps are done nicely.
Oscar C in Chicago February 8, 2012
"One Word: Awesome!"
One can describe this cigar with just one word: Awesome! The look and the taste is great. Draw is tight and it burns evenly. If you find it too hard, wait until you reach the end. Bought a box and smoked two of em already! Strictly recommend to cigar lovers...
Mazhar Y in Turkey February 1, 2012
Overall a pleasant cigar
Rob in Illinois November 28, 2011
"Beautiful Smoke"
The Oliva Serie V Double Robusto is a winner. Excellent flavors of burnt walnuts, leather, and white pepper. This cigar reminds me of a the cuban Cohiba Robusto, but may be even better. A new favorite.
Darrin S in Phoenix, AZ August 17, 2011
"As good as advertised"
Having read the good reviews, I had to pick up a stick at my B&M. This cigar lives up to the positive reviews and more. Full-bodied, very meaty, and smooth as silk. Had some draw and minor burn issues that were easily resolved. I've put in my order for a box.
Brian in Honolulu, HI June 23, 2011
"Full-bodied beauty"
I've heard a lot about Oliva's Serie V cigars; it's a name that consistently pops up in the discussion of good cigars. Using Famous Smoke's fantastic "Create a Sampler" deal, I picked two Serie V double robustos, expecting a high quality, full-bodied cigar. What I got was exactly that. The draw was perfect, all-around good construction, and complex flavors from the first draw to the last. I would highly recommend Serie V to anyone who enjoys a full-bodied smoke.
Ryan in Maryland April 20, 2011
"This is a smoothie"
This is a smoothie from start to finish. I enjoyed the first one so much that I'm afraid to smoke the other 4. If I smoke another one, I'm pretty sure I'll want to to smoke another right after.
Kenneth Snead in El Paso, TX December 7, 2010
This is my 3rd box and has become my favorite. It is a beautifully made cigar. Very nice taste, feel , smoking cigar. With the Double Robusto, I hate to get to the end, it always makes me want more.
Gary in Temecula, Ca October 8, 2010
"My Top 5"
One of My Top 5 Cigars Love the taste and it looks good. Price can come down but that?s true for most Cigars.
Jeff in Tulsa Ok August 28, 2010
"One of the finest achievements with tobacco"
This cigar is one of the select from Nicaragua that successfully gets on par with the classic Cuban taste and body (though not in ring gauge.) Although not wholly similar to the Serie V, some of the others are the Alec Bradley Prensado, and Padilla 1932. This cigar is just great, full bodied but not fixing to punch you in the face with the strength. I think the strongest point of this cigar is the aroma. It's like that traditional Cuban tobacco perfume-ish aroma. When the price is considered, this has got to be the best cigar for the money.
striker23 in Charleston, SC July 24, 2010
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