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Oliva Serie V Double Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Favorite So Far"
Only had one, but I'm new to this and this is the first cigar that I wanted to smoke again so far.
in September 19, 2014
"Did I get a dud in the sampler box?"
Dry boxed this stick from the 2009 Serie V Cigar Sampler for two days and the draw was super tight! Full bodied with blah flavors. Really intense on the nose though reminded me of the Padron 1926 #35 . Interestingly, it smoked significantly different than the Diadema Natural 6 x 46, which was too loose, or the Torpedo Natural 6 x 54, which had an outstanding burn with much less intensity.
Stefan in City by the Bay January 29, 2014
"Great Smoke"
Great, good draw, tight ash, razor sharp burn, perfect performance, amazing sweet full flavors, no strength, loved it.
Bob in Ajax Ontario August 28, 2013
"No words...."
Simply orgasmic aroma. Burn couldn't be better and cool as a cucumber. Taste... so well rounded its hard to describe. Notes of coffee and chocolate coat the mouth for an amazing desert-like stick. Definitely good with a nice cognac. Top of the line!
Henry B in July 31, 2013
Excellent Flavor. I have been looking for a full bodied flavorful cigar for quite a while. Had this one last night and I was blown away. My new favorite! I have smoked cigars for 15 years and find most of the cigars too light to be enjoyable - this is a full bodied heavyweight and delicious to every drop.
brian martin in san jose ca June 21, 2013
"Good Stick"
Very decent stick for the price point, don't hesitate to buy a 5r and let them rest for a bit before toasting. I bought a few of these so far and will buy a 5r. I'd give this little gem a solid 90
dc in Los Angeles February 10, 2013
"Save your $, buy something better."
Well constructed, good draw, straight burn. Horrible one note taste with a very harsh grass taste. Terrible. Not as bad as the Inferno. Go with Series O if you must Oliva. CAO Italia tops this.
Justin in Texas October 28, 2012
"Great Smoke One of The Best"
Very good cigar! Great taste, very smooth smoke. I always have a few around for a treat.
Brady in Denver July 20, 2012
"Consistently Great"
Most people you talk to who have had an Oliva V will have it very high on their list. A friend told me it's one of the most consistent cigars from one vitola to the other and after having three of the different vitolas I would have to agree. Oliva did a great job with the Serie V in making a nice Full Flavored cigar that is very well balanced and not overpowering or harsh as some full bodied smokes can be. Just a great all around cigar and definitely a must have for my humidor.
Jim in Phoenix June 6, 2012
"Oliva V"
I had tried an Oliva V torpedo in the past. I remember it as a little harsh. I chocked it up to perhaps being a little young. I tried the double robusto the other night. It was harsh. There may have been flavor there. But the strength and harshness struck me as being there just for the sake of strength itself. They masked any pleasant flavors that may have been present. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I just don't get what all the raving is about concerning ligero nicotine bombs. I'll take an E.P. Corrillo Elenco cigar any day of the week. Tons of interesting flavors in a cigar that doesn't find it necessary to try to be the strongest thing in the humidor. That, my friend, is blending skill. That's what premium cigars are all about in my opinion. Not just strength and nicotine for their own sake. I've smoked cigars for going on 50 years and I'm hardly a newbie. I guess different tastes in cigars makes for a wide selection to choose from. I'm all for that. Happy smoking!
Marvin in Auburn, Washington May 31, 2012
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10 Consistency (92) 100
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10 Construction (94) 100
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