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Oliva Serie V Double Toro Reviews [view details]

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Excellent cigar with a peppery complex blend and a great finish.
Jeremy in Arkansas March 13, 2014
"This is my special occasion stick."
I guess the title says it all.
Andy in So Cal January 18, 2014
"My special occasion smoke"
The title says it all.
Andy in So Cal January 13, 2014
JEFF in MICHIGAN December 27, 2013
"Very Good"
Had the Double Toro sitting for a couple months, makes a big difference. Lots of flavor, lots of smoke, very smooth, didn't need a lot of attention. Don't do it on an empty stomach though. Definitely a super premium smoke, but not for everyone. 2 hours of smoking bliss!
Marty in Chicago May 29, 2013
"Great balance of flavor and smoothness"
I'm a relatively new cigar smoker. I love the complexity and flavors of full bodied cigars, but I don't like a lot of overwhelming heat and harsh spice. This stick is pretty much exactly what I've been looking for. Nice strong pungent flavors with enough subtle spice to make things interesting without being overwhelming. And to top it all off, the construction is wonderful - these are just plain beautiful cigars. One of my favorites so far.
Joe in Boston, MA November 17, 2012
"Best Value"
For the price, this is as good as it gets
Stan P in Clearwater, FL December 11, 2011
"Girly men need not apply"
This cigar is fantastic in every way. It delivers big time flavor and a punch in the gut. I suspect if you are not a regular full bodied cigar smoker you are not going to like this stick and you should not try it or write reviews about something you were not prepared for.
Al in Bellflower July 22, 2011
"I always come back to this cigar, very good"
I have tried all of the Oliva series V and find this one to be the best. I enjoy a 6X60 and compared to Perdomo, Punch, Rocky Patel , etc. I find it to be the most consistent and enjoyable.
Geoff in Raleigh August 23, 2009
"Doesn't live up to hype. Uninteresting flavor."
Tried one... not blown away. Tried a 2nd, and my opinion was confirmed. Wonderful construction, great burn, but I have to say that the flavor is simply one-dimensional and uninteresting. I suppose it can be called full-bodied, but there is nothing complex that lingers on the palate. And the nose is also weak. Almost has a "dry" taste. Disappointing. Compare it to, say, an Alec Bradley MAXX, or Hoyo de Monterrey, or Rocky Patel Edge. All of these full-bodied smokes have more complex, rich, and interesting flavor and nose... and for less money. Good smoking!
Mike A. in Litchfield, NH July 12, 2009
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