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Oliva Serie V Ligero Reviews

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Oliva Serie V Torpedo
"This is only 8 bucks?"
I bought these a few years ago on the advice of a friend who told me for the money this is the best cigar in the world – and I took his advice and I will tell you I have never been disappointed by this cigar ever– it is always impeccably rolled with a nice oily skin on it and usually takes a good hour and a half to two hours to smoke– unbelievable really
Mike in Oregon April 9, 2014
Oliva Serie V Double Toro
Excellent cigar with a peppery complex blend and a great finish.
Jeremy in Arkansas March 13, 2014
Oliva Serie V Cigar Sampler
"Regarding the Monster Deal"
The box I got for from the was labeled 2009. It was my first encounter with the V s; rather disappointing based on the hype. I think these are too old...
Stefan in City by the Bay February 20, 2014
Oliva Serie V Torpedo 2009
"One of the best in my humidor"
Olivia has a world of great cigars but the V series is by far my favorite. The flavor and smoke is rich and the hints of wood and earth are strong yet smooth. I have dedicated a 100 capacity section in my humidor just for the V.
Bobby C February 15, 2014
Oliva Serie V Double Robusto
"Did I get a dud in the sampler box?"
Dry boxed this stick from the 2009 Serie V Cigar Sampler for two days and the draw was super tight! Full bodied with blah flavors. Really intense on the nose though reminded me of the Padron 1926 #35 . Interestingly, it smoked significantly different than the Diadema Natural 6 x 46, which was too loose, or the Torpedo Natural 6 x 54, which had an outstanding burn with much less intensity.
Stefan in City by the Bay January 29, 2014
Oliva Serie V Double Toro
"This is my special occasion stick."
I guess the title says it all.
Andy in So Cal January 18, 2014
Oliva Serie V Double Toro
"My special occasion smoke"
The title says it all.
Andy in So Cal January 13, 2014
Oliva Serie V Double Toro
JEFF in MICHIGAN December 27, 2013
Oliva Serie V Double Robusto
"Serie V Maduro 2013"
If like me you have been looking for this years limited release of the Serie V Maduro. This is it. Using what little info they had on the product page I took a chance and ordered a box. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was 1 of the 8,000 boxes made available this year. I look forward to smoking one of these and will be able to give a more useful review at that point in time.
Nathan in KY December 21, 2013
Oliva Serie V Ligero Figurado
"Great right from Lightup"
I love Oliva V Churchils and Lanceros. Tried this size and was impressed by the taste, draw and burn. Burned my fingers smoking it down to a little nub.
Jon B in Livingston, NJ October 8, 2013
Iron Horse
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