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Oliva Serie V Ligero Reviews

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Oliva Serie V Belicoso
"Extremely Tasty!!"
Ya know what? I was never an Oliva fan. Had tried a few, even the much heralded Oliva "G"...they all left me wanting more and disappointed. A few days ago, I had a little extra time on my lunch hour and was near my favorite tabacconist. I stopped in and shopped around for a yummy to enjoy off/on during my day. The guy who works there strongly suggested the Oliva V...I resisted, telling him I've tried em all and came away disappointed every time. He said, "You havent tried the "V". So, I said, what the heck..I'll give it a shot. Lemme tell ya...I'm very glad I did!! This smoke is very rich in flavor..has a great punch of pepper/spice in the first third, which mellows out toward the middle. This is where the cigar really grabbed me and wouldn't let go! Along with the subtle spice came a chocolatey goodness combined with sweet coffee or caramel flavors. Sooo good! The finish is exquisite w/ smoky tobacco flavors and sweet cedar. Just what I like! Needless, to say I absolutely am glad I stopped in to that cigar shop that day, because the Oliva "V" is now one of my top five, if not top 3 cigars in my humidor. Try will not regret it!!
ScottyBoy in Wapakoneta October 21, 2012
Oliva Serie V Torpedo
Simply an Awesome Cigar.
Jim in Laguna Hills, CA September 15, 2012
Oliva Serie V Churchill Extra
Perfect draw, taste, smoke and burn. My favorite cigar in the humidor.
Scott in Michigan August 13, 2012
Oliva Serie V Ligero Figurado
"Great smoke but...."
3 of the five pack were rolled so tight they had almost no draw at all.I really enjoy the V line and perhaps this order was just a fluke,but even at Monster prices I just can't make myself pull the trigger again.I'll stay with the Toro and Robusto sticks.
Tray in Mobile August 9, 2012
Oliva Serie V Double Robusto
"Great Smoke One of The Best"
Very good cigar! Great taste, very smooth smoke. I always have a few around for a treat.
Brady in Denver July 20, 2012
Oliva Serie V Churchill Extra
"Tasty smoke, especially with a good port."
With a good port, this cigar is unbelievably good. Let it sit in your humidor for a week or two, get a good bottle or port, and you won't regret spending your money on these. I've tried almost all of the Oliva cigars, and this definitely hits the spot.
Russ in Manhattan, KS July 17, 2012
Oliva Serie V Belicoso
"Slow burning Ligero..."
This hour and a half smoke is a thing of beauty, but does have some issues. The appearance, taste, and construction are near flawless. The cigars were a little wet and needed some drying out but once they did they smoked almost perfectly. At times the burn was a little uneven and often needed correcting but is a small price for a such an exceptional cigar and value. Get these!
JD in Palmdale, Ca July 17, 2012
Oliva Serie V Double Robusto
"Consistently Great"
Most people you talk to who have had an Oliva V will have it very high on their list. A friend told me it's one of the most consistent cigars from one vitola to the other and after having three of the different vitolas I would have to agree. Oliva did a great job with the Serie V in making a nice Full Flavored cigar that is very well balanced and not overpowering or harsh as some full bodied smokes can be. Just a great all around cigar and definitely a must have for my humidor.
Jim in Phoenix June 6, 2012
Oliva Serie V Double Robusto
"Oliva V"
I had tried an Oliva V torpedo in the past. I remember it as a little harsh. I chocked it up to perhaps being a little young. I tried the double robusto the other night. It was harsh. There may have been flavor there. But the strength and harshness struck me as being there just for the sake of strength itself. They masked any pleasant flavors that may have been present. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I just don't get what all the raving is about concerning ligero nicotine bombs. I'll take an E.P. Corrillo Elenco cigar any day of the week. Tons of interesting flavors in a cigar that doesn't find it necessary to try to be the strongest thing in the humidor. That, my friend, is blending skill. That's what premium cigars are all about in my opinion. Not just strength and nicotine for their own sake. I've smoked cigars for going on 50 years and I'm hardly a newbie. I guess different tastes in cigars makes for a wide selection to choose from. I'm all for that. Happy smoking!
Marvin in Auburn, Washington May 31, 2012
Oliva Serie V Double Robusto Tubos
"Out of this world!"
Oliva serie V line is my favorite smoke right now! ALL of this line will wow your taste buds! If you like full smooth sticks that burn nice and slow and flu fill your smoke desires.....look no further! A full body smoke that will not over welm you with high over barring flavors. Creamy, leather...picture yourself in a executive office thats decked out....thats the body of this stick! Choose any of the length / ring and Im sure you will not be disappointed! BEST STICK UNDER $10
DetroitSquirreL in Detroit, MI May 29, 2012
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