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Oliva Serie V Melanio Reviews

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Oliva Serie V Melanio Petit Corona
"Outstanding construction"
Interestingly this was a wee different than the 5x52. Better build, and thus with a longer lasting burn. Showing more focused flavors as well: woodsy during the first third, more floral during the second. Nutty aftertaste. Burned for about 50 minutes. Outstanding overall, but I missed the airy floral aromatics of the Robusto. Now I m curious about the Figurado...
Stefan in City by the Bay April 16, 2014
Oliva Serie V Melanio 2013 Torpedo
"Sweet smoke, literally!!!"
I m a huge fan of the Serie V, so I may be a tad biased, but the Melanio is top notch. Love the natural, but the maduro adds that little sweet touch. So smooth, great aroma, excellent burn, just the right resistance on the draw. A definite stick to try if you re a maduro fan. Happy smoking!!
Marty in Chicago April 10, 2014
Oliva Serie V Melanio 2013 Torpedo
I did not like this cigar. it had no flavor, imho. I will stick to rocky patel patel bros.
bob in ak April 2, 2014
Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto
"Good tobacco but.." s really more of a medium than a full cigar. After two months at about 69% RH this got hard -- almost as hard as the Master Blends 3 I recently got from Famous, but less tightly packed. Strong Ligero during the first third, and then the wood flavor finally kicked in on the second third. Overall, I found this to have more nicotine and less flavor than the MB3, which I prefer. Much less floral notes if at all than two months ago. 98 points for the construction + 89 for the flavor = 90 points final score. At the end of the night, I found myself wanting more body, so I lid up a Padilla La Reserva.
Stefan in City by the Bay February 26, 2014
Oliva Serie V Melanio Petit Corona
"Worst cigar I have ever had"
I was looking forward to these having had other Oliva Cigars. This is the worst cigar I Have ever had. Dry, bland, and one dimensional. I hope that it was a dud and the other 9 will be ok. Great packaging, there was even a hydration pack in the box between two wood layers. Shame the cigar wasn t so good. Such a letdown after having cain nubs, and the other nubs. no creaminess, such a shame, hope a few months in the humidor and they maybe will come right.
Douglas in New Zealand January 22, 2014
Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto
"Strong, medium-full Ligero"
One month later, and after having spent the last week at 55% RH, this aged tobacco stick still tastes green, with the nicotine from the Ligero overwhelming any flavors during the first third, after which flavors of toasted almonds and walnuts emerged, and then sandalwood around the middle. The smoke isn t drying, but the nicotine demands water. Felt a little wet , and draw was a tad tighter than preferred. Almost went out on me twice in the beginning, and then finally on the second half -- surprising given that it s loosely packed. Turns bitter at the nub. Need to wait another 3 months before trying again, and maybe dry box at 50% for two weeks. Best enjoyed on a clean palate. Burns fast, but very cleanly, and I love the shape and size.
Stefan January 6, 2014
Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto
"Needs time"
Medium body, full strength. The ligero was strong from the get-go, which is good, because the stick burnt a little fast I thought. Flavors of sandalwood during the first half, with floral aromatics on the retrohale. Past the mid-point it started exhibiting burnt caramel and some bitter leaf tannin as well. Finish was rather throughout. I liked that the smoke wasn t too smelly. Not very complex right now -- I think these need a few months in the humidor.
Stefan December 8, 2013
Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill
"Nice Cigar But Not As Good As The Original V"
Like most Oliva cigars, the Melanio smokes very well. Especially for a box press. Full bodied but somewhat one dimensional. Nice cigar but it doesn t wow in the flavor department.
Btg in Michigan November 30, 2013
Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto
What a great cigar. Very similar to Cuban Cohiba robusto, smooth leather, hint of spice, with that subtle, sweet, musk essence I ve only tasted in the high dollar Cohibas. You ll be hard pressed to find a better cigar at any price. A masterpiece!
Bob in Fredericksburg, VA November 20, 2013
Oliva Serie V Melanio Torpedo
"Expected better, but need to try another first"
Excellent appearance - perhaps the nicest wrapper/construction I have ever seen. I bought a 5 pack, however, I had terrible draw with my first cigar. I couldn t get any smoke out of it until there was about only 2 inches left. To top it off, the cigar boated/canoed the entire time smoking it. I have 4 left so I m just hoping I got a bad one, but my initial experience with these is disappointing.
MNR in Pennsylvania November 11, 2013
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