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Oliva Serie V Melanio Reviews

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Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto
"Needs time"
Medium body, full strength. The ligero was strong from the get-go, which is good, because the stick burnt a little fast I thought. Flavors of sandalwood during the first half, with floral aromatics on the retrohale. Past the mid-point it started exhibiting burnt caramel and some bitter leaf tannin as well. Finish was rather throughout. I liked that the smoke wasn t too smelly. Not very complex right now -- I think these need a few months in the humidor.
Stefan December 8, 2013
Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill
"Nice Cigar But Not As Good As The Original V"
Like most Oliva cigars, the Melanio smokes very well. Especially for a box press. Full bodied but somewhat one dimensional. Nice cigar but it doesn t wow in the flavor department.
Btg in Michigan November 30, 2013
Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto
What a great cigar. Very similar to Cuban Cohiba robusto, smooth leather, hint of spice, with that subtle, sweet, musk essence I ve only tasted in the high dollar Cohibas. You ll be hard pressed to find a better cigar at any price. A masterpiece!
Bob in Fredericksburg, VA November 20, 2013
Oliva Serie V Melanio Torpedo
"Expected better, but need to try another first"
Excellent appearance - perhaps the nicest wrapper/construction I have ever seen. I bought a 5 pack, however, I had terrible draw with my first cigar. I couldn t get any smoke out of it until there was about only 2 inches left. To top it off, the cigar boated/canoed the entire time smoking it. I have 4 left so I m just hoping I got a bad one, but my initial experience with these is disappointing.
MNR in Pennsylvania November 11, 2013
Oliva Serie V Melanio 2013 Torpedo
Not bad, very full cigar, couldn t finish all of it and ended up throwing away half.
Kody in Calgary, AB November 9, 2013
Oliva Serie V Melanio Torpedo
"Favorite Full Bodied Cigar"
This cigar is amazing. It starts off with a little bit of spice, then milds out to a very distinct nutty, flavorful, sweet taste. With a glass of sweet tea it almost taste like dark chocolate. It's perfection. Worth every penny. If there is smoke in heaven, it taste like the smoke from this cigar.
Nicholas in Amarillo, TX September 28, 2013
Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill
"Best Desert Stick"
The Oliva Serie V Melanio 7x50, in Churchill, is a cigar that?s sure to please even the most demanding smoker. It comes in with a very glove soft tan wrapper smelling like chocolate and hay with a very nice double cap. It?s a very good looking box pressed stick that?s nice and spongy to the touch. Fresh off the light it gives a very soft, creamy textured smoke with a nice aged tobacco flavor with a note of chocolate. Perfect draw and short finish with a medium body. 15 minutes in almost an inch down, I?m getting very smooth soft earth, cream flavor, and a hint of chocolate that blends in through the finish. 45 minutes in getting a bit of a transition and a nice complex blend of flavors. On the draw is a chocolate, caramel sweetness, with a slightly sweet almost salty coffee that comes in on the finish with the chocolate that also blends through with the coffee. Construction so far is perfect. 1 hour in almost to the first band and giving a small shift in flavor has taken place. The salt in the coffee is gone, the caramel is almost gone, and the chocolate is still blending with the coffee. The profile of the flavors are getting richer while keeping the elegant smoothness of the smoke. Construction and draw are both still perfect. 1 hour 25 minutes in it decided to go out. Very odd and an unexpected surprise. No tunneling or anything like that going on. After the relight the coffee and chocolate are still going strong and a bit of a cream flavor has now came back into the mix. 1 hour 50 minutes in ash fell of in a solid chunk. Burn got a little uneven, but self corrected and no need for a touch up. So far the coffee and chocolate are still blending and now a nice nut flavour has come in. I?m almost detecting a hint of vanilla on the finish. Still a solid medium body. Both bands came off the cigar with no damage to the wrapper. 2 hours 25 minutes in the coffee and nut is the only thing left and they hold through the finish. Everything is perfect about this smoke other than the minor relight issue. Conclusion: Please give these a try. A great almost desert like stick. No complaints at all. I will be buying these in the future. -Fecto
Jeff Barnes in Fairview Heights, IL September 2, 2013
Oliva Serie V Melanio 2013 Torpedo
"Great Value"
Burns like a cigar double the price. Nice easy draw. Very decent taste. Highly recommended.
Greg in New Jersey August 29, 2013
Oliva Serie V Melanio Petit Corona
"Thank you may I have another!?"
This stick was incredible! Extremely tasty. Every two or three draws the complexity kept coming and flavors kept changing. Perfect draw and burn with an intoxicating aroma. My only regret is that I wish it didn't have to end.
Brian in MA February 25, 2013
Oliva Serie V Melanio Petit Corona
"Great Smoke"
Great cigar, I consider this a far better smoke than the Oliva G. The G is a great smoke but this V Melanio is even better hands down. Only down fall to this cigar is the limited run.
Robert in Wichita KS February 15, 2013
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