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Oliva Serie V Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"This is only 8 bucks?"
I bought these a few years ago on the advice of a friend who told me for the money this is the best cigar in the world – and I took his advice and I will tell you I have never been disappointed by this cigar ever– it is always impeccably rolled with a nice oily skin on it and usually takes a good hour and a half to two hours to smoke– unbelievable really
Mike in Oregon April 9, 2014
Simply an Awesome Cigar.
Jim in Laguna Hills, CA September 15, 2012
"pretty nice"
Started off with a strong earthy tobacco. Melted into a nice nutty flavor with hints of sweet cream. Then it slid into a slightly sweet sugar and back to the Earthy Tobacco. I am getting towards the end and am Pleased with this cigar. I still prefer the O serie to this but its definitely worth buying. The smell it gives off is quite lovely. I will definitely buy some more of these in the future. Only real downside was the line at the beginning. It wavered quite a bit. After a little caressing with my vector it straightened out and staid pretty straight. The draw is a little tight but it helps the cigar last longer. Definitely in the 90s out of 100
Ian in Columbus, Ohio April 24, 2012
"Well Made"
One of the best made cigars that I have ever smoked. The taste and flavor was simple, straight tobacco until the final 1/2". Then the spices kicked in. A good cigar but I was expecting more flavor.
Chris in Oregon January 31, 2012
"Great flavor, long lasting burn, great cigar"
Unfortunately for my pocketbook, my taste has grafitated towards better cigars and this is certainly one. I started with the sampler and now must have them by the box. I always unwrap and put my cigars in the humidor for a period of time to assure they are conditioned just right before smoking. If more people would do this, I find it difficult to believe anyone could rate this cigar poorly. I have on more than one ocassion smoked one of the baby's for more than one and a half hours, drawing slow and easy and savoring all the flavor.
Gary A. in New Jersey December 4, 2011
"Amazing smoke buy one now!!"
Great consistent cigar, strong flavor, and clean burn. Overall one of my favorites
Shawn in September 2, 2011
"Potent to Perfect"
Being a true novist, I'm working thru different smokes, just to find that "One". That first quarter had me thinking I bit off a little more than I could handle. Big spice kick on the back of my pallet. Just as I was ready to throw in the towel. I smoothed out to near perfection. I'm gonna need a bigger humidor. And right next to the Oliva G....will be the Oliva V. Very nice finish.
Bryan in Baton Rouge April 6, 2010
"Almost perfect!!!"
The Oliva Serie V Torpedo is almost as good as it gets towards perfection! I purchased a box last year based upon all the ratings hype and so when I when I lit up my first one I was ready for disappointment (as many of the Cigar Aficianado's highly rated digars have not panned out for me in the past). It never came. These beauties are excellent in every possible pleasurable smoking manner. I would stack these with the top Cuban cigars (I often travel to Europe), but at a fraction of the price and legally available in the US. You will be exceptionaaly happy with this purchase without any reservations. A 10/10, all around smoke!
Joe in NJ January 9, 2010
"just do it!"
Do yourself a favor and buy one smoke it enter the gates of heaven and then pass on the experience to someone else. I truly believe if every one in the world had one we would have a utopia. It is almost perfect on all accounts.
Jordan in saint marys November 1, 2009
"Flavorful, Subtle, Complex, Quality !"
Very much enjoyed my first Oliva Serie V. Must get some more. An excellent, complex cigar. You notice subtle oak/leather flavors mixed with the coffee/cocoa variety, but this fine 'full' cigar blends these powerful flavors with rich smoothness. That's the difference between a very fine cigar such as this, and a very good 'full' cigar, such as a Punch Grand Cru, R&J Madura, or Gurka Warrior. The Serie V is one of the better cigars I've had.
Jim "Hogg" in Longwood, FL March 14, 2009
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