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Olor by Manuel Quesada Reviews

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Olor Paco
"Now that's a wonderful cigar"
Nice looking cigar, peppery wrapper, well rolled — very good even burn, delightful hints of cedar and forest floor with a definite sweetness luring you back for another puff. Did I mention at $100 bucks a box this would be an excellent deal?
Jacj in Sonoma September 12, 2013
Olor Colosos
"A Raw Cigar"
Glen sums up this cigar nicely. Mine had zero aging on them and had an awful ammonia smell to them.The Fuerte was a much better cigar.
Petar N. in Lacey,Wa. September 8, 2012
Olor Momento
"I Miss Olor Maduro"
I always thought that Olor maduros were one of the better maduros on the market. The retail on them made them that much more attractive. I liked them and I miss them.You guys should have kept that one. TexLovera
Tex in Texas August 30, 2012
Olor Rothschild
Great cigar no bite adding to favorites, smooth, consistant
Thomas in St.Paul, Mn. August 11, 2012
Olor Colosos
"Not that goo"
A pretty raw smoke. If you want something that slaps you around have at it. Had bad draw, inconsistent throughout and between sticks. Maybe a year in a humidor mith make these palatable.
Glen in Hawaii July 11, 2012
Olor Rothschild
"not good"
im not a fan, prob one of the worste i have had in a while, backwoods are better.
Jared in SE MA March 25, 2012
Olor Rothschild
"not bad...i've had better"
got 4 in a sampler ehh not too bad but for the money theres better out there. the construction was pretty good for a smaller cigar, burn and draw were good, aroma and taste on the poor side, i dont know maybe too lite or.. just not my type.. just ok .....thats it
russell in brigantine,nj March 11, 2012
Olor by Manuel Quesada Test Flight
"They are way better than expected"
I got a 5 pac on auction and I Like em (the lanceros) A nice med-full creamy smoke, I have 0 issues with them so far as burn,draw etc... goes. Iv'e smoked a few each of the different wrappers offered and the Maduro is my first choice.
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation (rez) Wi. December 13, 2011
Olor Rothschild
Tastes like crap. My wife said it smelled like a sewer when I was smoking this one. Would not buy again!
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation (rez) Wi. December 13, 2011 October 9, 2011
Olor Colosos
"Excellent smoke"
Fantastic cigar. Burns perfectly. Put it down to do something, came back a few minutes later and it sparked right up. Mild and delicious.
Chris in Reno September 2, 2011
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