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Olor by Manuel Quesada Reviews

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Olor Colosos
"Excellent smoke"
Fantastic cigar. Burns perfectly. Put it down to do something, came back a few minutes later and it sparked right up. Mild and delicious.
Chris in Reno September 2, 2011
Olor Lonsdale
Not bad. A little grassy, but not enough to make the cigar unpleasant to smoke. A bit of sting in the nose, more than I like from this type of blend. I will lay a few down for an extended nap and revisit.
borndead1 in Kalamazoo, MI July 28, 2011
Olor Paco
"Great Cigar IMO"
I have to say that I do enjoy this particular cigar. It burns fair, has a nice draw, a rich yet not overpowering taste. I have been buying them for a few years now and I am quite pleased.
Travis in Pa June 26, 2011
Olor Rothschild
Took A chance on these Olor's. Good flavor for a mild cigar. Consistent throughout box.
Rommel in Berkley MA February 25, 2011
Olor Momento
Really light, must have been rolled by angels. This is a fantastic cigar. Best roll on any cigar I have had. If I could smoke one every morning, I would. I could not define the taste and could not pinpoint any particular flavor but it was good.
Rich January 12, 2011
Olor Rothschild
"Olor is good!!"
As a retired gent living here in AZ, I have to watch my money. Between golf and cigars, I spend too much!! Thank goodness for these fine smokes!! They are very well priced and VERY good. Medium body with great flavor. My friends really like them too. Thanks!!
Chuck B. in Flagstaff, AZ January 6, 2011
Olor Paco
"Very, Very Good"
What coup for Famous to get the guy who made the number one cigar of the year to make Olor!! My hat's off to you guys and Manuel for making a rich cigar at a poor man's price. Medium in body and very good in taste at a SUPER value. I will keep these babies stocked!!!
Shepard H. in Trenton, Maine December 2, 2010
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