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Olor Paco Reviews [view details]

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"Now that's a wonderful cigar"
Nice looking cigar, peppery wrapper, well rolled — very good even burn, delightful hints of cedar and forest floor with a definite sweetness luring you back for another puff. Did I mention at $100 bucks a box this would be an excellent deal?
Jacj in Sonoma September 12, 2013
"Great Cigar IMO"
I have to say that I do enjoy this particular cigar. It burns fair, has a nice draw, a rich yet not overpowering taste. I have been buying them for a few years now and I am quite pleased.
Travis in Pa June 26, 2011
"Very, Very Good"
What coup for Famous to get the guy who made the number one cigar of the year to make Olor!! My hat's off to you guys and Manuel for making a rich cigar at a poor man's price. Medium in body and very good in taste at a SUPER value. I will keep these babies stocked!!!
Shepard H. in Trenton, Maine December 2, 2010
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