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"Save your money don t buy"
I gave this cigar to my friends . Wanted to try something different . After 15 minutes I got strange looks . 5 more minutes they asked if I had something else to smoke. It s a plain jane cigar no taste . It won t offend you
Rob in Staten Island N.Y July 4, 2014
"Nice smooth smoking cigar"
Great time out on the deck smoker. It's got great aroma, thick harty smoke, and a nice draw. I would buy more and recommend to my friends.
Eric in Nashville tn September 2, 2012
"Not what I remember"
I smoked several of these back in the 2006-2008 time frame. Back then they were great cigars. These I'm smoking now in 2011 just do not taste like they used to. I will dry these way down to see what happens, but now they are very bitter. I have smoked cigars for about 30 years, and folks will often say "well, your palate changed" which is a load of pooey. Fuentes and Padrons still taste the same year after year, decade after decade. I also have extremely good flavor memory, and these taste very similar to store samples that my various retailer friends send me to judge for them. I would bet dollars to donuts Plascencia and perhaps Fuego are blending/Making these. It is like they use the same blend for store brands with some very slight tweaking, if any, for any store that asks them to make them a blend.
Danno in Southeastern USA September 28, 2011
"Excellent cigar"
This is one fine smoke. I got it in a five pack from the monster and will order more later.
Steve Alred in Hiram, Ga. September 1, 2010
"A great maduro that's well worth the coin!"
Great construction, great burn, and most important of all. . . a fantastic taste. These have a traditional woodsy DR flavor to them with a nice peppery undertone. The wrapper completes these two flavors with a nice sweet note that makes for a very pleasurable finish. I suggest at least picking up a 5-pack, I know I will be grabbing more.
Dan in Indiana February 6, 2010
"Quality construction, perfect burn, great cigar!"
I just had my first Olor Fuerte Belicoso after resting the box in my humidor for about a month. I am very impressed! Hints of cocoa and nutmeg, great aroma! The burn was even all the way down, no touch-ups. I can't wait to see how they are after another month!
Clint in Norman, OK January 11, 2010
"well worth my time"
This cigar burned evenly and producd hints of pepper, cocoa, nutmeg,cinammonand cloves. The smoke was sweet and not overpowering. Two boxes at auction was a STEAL! Don't pass this one up.!
Jonathan P in catonsville Md June 12, 2009
"very good"
What a tasty treat this was with a nice scotch after the fourth of july picnic. cant wait for 'em on a monster deal (hint hint)
mike in east rochester July 6, 2008
"Excellent Cigar definite keeper"
Excellent cigar and for the price you can't beat it,A definite must try, I enjoy it as much as my Trinidad Belicoso.
John Schwind in NY June 12, 2007
"Not good"
Taste like a turd. Very tarry taste. Uneven burn. Goes out. I got a free humidor with my box so it's not all lost! My dollar Fuentes are better. Save your money. I even tried to aged them that didnt work. This is the worst cigar in my all of my box's
David Williamson in March 4, 2007
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10 Construction (87) 100
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